May Get Together Hosted by Roostertech 12-3pm

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by tankguy, Apr 25, 2017.

By tankguy on Apr 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM
  1. tankguy

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    Our May get together is on a different weekend this time around. It will be at Roostertech's house on May 20th and well be making frag disk. Pot luck lunch is at 12 and disk making starts at 1pm. Materials will be supplied by the club. Personally Ive never done this before so if your attending and know what to do you would be a huge help. Rooster will post his address. We've had get togethers there before. A huge thank you to Roostertech for hosting
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by tankguy, Apr 25, 2017.

    1. Newjack
      John your kids will love lego land.
      went there last year on a 3 day pass from costco, my kids had a great time. We spent half the time at the water park inside, the other half on rides.
    2. tankguy
      Sounds like we are in good shape for tomorrow?
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    3. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Hopefully. I'm still a little concerned about the Guacamole.
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    4. L/B Block
      L/B Block
      I'll be there closer to 1:30 or so. I'll eat whatever scraps are left!
      More to meet other club members then anything else.

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    5. OnTheReef
      I'll be there! I think I'll bring a glazed fruit tart for desert.

      Corals to trade / give away
      2 baby green leather mushrooms
      1 green hammer
      5 colors of zoas / palys if @Wlachnit declines any of them

      ASM Protein skimmers if @Edgar Sandoval declines
    6. OnTheReef
      *I* loved it, but guess I am a big kid :D
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    7. Gablami
      I'm bringing a 12 pack of coors light. Should be nice a cold on a hot day. Will also be bringing the baby.

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    8. Gablami

      If anybody is starting a fuge up and wants some chaeto I'll bring a couple bags to the event. Lineage: @RandyC. Special edition.

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    9. tankguy
      I have some corals I'll be bringing to give away or trade
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    10. roostertech
      Sounds like we will have a lot of frags, I'll setup a 10g holding tank

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    11. Peter B
      Peter B
      I have a very small frag of war coral that I could trade.

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    12. OnTheReef
      I have a surplus of chaeto too, I will bring a few softball sized clumps.
    13. tankguy
      Its gonna be ok Bruce
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    14. Gablami
      I'll bring some zoa frags, and a Duncan...or two. Free.

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    15. WCKDVPR
      Yikes! Pressure is on the new guy. We'll be bringing all the parts and mixing it up there as I don't want the avocado to discolor, so you are more than welcome to help dial it in to BAR standards :) We'll be there right at noon as we have another commitment we need to leave for at 1:30pm (daughter has finals next week, you know, studying and all).

      All this free stuff I could use and I don't have a tank yet.....................but I have lots of questions, though less than when I joined a few days ago, so thanks all.

      Best regards,
    16. Gablami
      Is someone bringing name tags?

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    17. roostertech
      Would be good. I have some smaller labels.

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    18. Vhuang168
      Guac need time to meld. Make it before hand then put wrap over the top with no air gaps. That will prevent oxidation. A little lime juice helps too.

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    19. daddio
      Peter and I are really looking forward to going. We have homemade potato salad - yes, it is melding :) Peter made chocolate chip cookies, and we have 30# of sand and 20# of hydraulic cement.
    20. RandyC
      Anyone coming to the event interested buying a rainbow BTA? Colors on this BTA are really nice. But it started walking and I got nervous. I captured it when it was walking last night, so I didn't have to pry it off the rock work; it slide right off. I got it for a pretty good deal at $45, but you can have it for a steal at $30! I've had it for around 6 months.



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