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    Bay Area Reefers Board of Directors 2016

    President - Mike (@Coral reefer)
    Mike wanted you to know he is 30 years old, grew up in Alamo (East Bay) and obtained a BA in Geography from UCSB. He was hooked by a friends dad's in-wall tank with a huge lionfish in first grade. He started with a 10 gal fresh water at age 7, got into fish only salt water in college and more recently reef tanks (such as his home 120) Mike says "BAR has really helped me learn a ton, and make some really good reefing buddies." His other hobbies include attending Giants games, listening to baseball on the radio, and hanging with his dog.

    Vice President - Michael the EnderTurtle (@Enderturtle )
    Heyo! I'm Michael. Call me Michael. There are a million Mikes in this club. Anyways I've been with BAR for a short while. Started reefing in early 2014 and I really wanted support with this hobby. Despite reading a ton of articles/threads on reefcentral, the hobby just felt lonely. One day when I was leaving Aqua Exotic in Belmont I saw a flyer for BAR's New Hobbyist Workshop saying "Free Corals/Information Stations with Membership". I went to the workshop, paid my 30$, learned a bunch of information, and I went home with like 40$ worth of corals. I said "On top of that I get access to even more workshops, discounts, and events?! Sign me up!"

    I like zoas and wavy colorful LPS corals.

    My education/work experience is in fisheries and wildlife biology. Inland stuff (salmonid monitoring, nesting bird surveys, endangered species surveys) so I haven't really studied or work with marine critters/ecosystems. I know as much about reefing as the everyday reef hobbyist. I used to do a lot of fun fieldwork during my college and young professional days but lately I've been mostly in the office dealing with regulatory agencies/environmental permitting.

    Treasurer - Mike (@mray2660)
    Mike grew up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland looking after fresh water planted and brackish aquariums (collected his own fish, crabs, etc.) He went to college in Florida and obtained an undergraduate degree in Chemical Oceanography. Mike’s first involvement with saltwater fish was when he helped some of his classmates to collect fish in The Keys for their own aquariums. Mike worked for a number of years in the environmental water quality field before moving over to the pharmaceutical field to work in the research and development of drug delivery systems. That led to moving to Bay Area seven years ago. Mike is an avid soccer enthusiast, and you can routinely catch him at a college soccer game. For over 20 years in Florida, Mike was an administrator and coach for the state and national youth soccer associations. Currently Diane and Mike have 120g AGA saltwater tank along with number of fresh water tanks. The saltwater tank is really Diane’s tank. Mike is just the maintenance guy. The first BAR meeting that we attended was a swap in which number of members help us stock our first tank with beginner corals (brown palys, Kenya trees, etc.). Mike and Diane say "We were amazed at the help everyone has provided us which during our involvement with BAR for the past few years."

    Sponsorship / Public Relations - - Geneva (@Geneva)
    Hi! I live in Castro Valley with Molly, my cocker spaniel. I enjoy reading, hiking, and watching the Giants, Warriors, and 49ers. I had fresh and salt water tanks many years ago but gave up the hobby when I had my daughter Nicole. When I was having my kitchen remodeled a couple of years ago, I just happened to visit a LFS and it brought back great memories so I asked my contractor to make sure one of my counters could support a tank and the rest is history! I love my saltwater 120 – originally was just going to have fish but slowly getting hooked on corals as’s challenging but very satisfying!

    Secretary / Social Specialist - Dave (@2manyhobbies )
    My name is David Corkrum and I have been a member of Bay area Reefers since 2011. My reef tank has been running for about 8 years and I have successfully grown every coral that has been placed in it. My non-profit experience: twenty-one years as a volunteer for OrchidMania (OM) where I served as Grants coordinator, Volunteer coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary and President. OM raised and sold orchids with proceeds going to grass-roots AIDS organization. For the past 8 years, I have been the Recording Secretary for the Musical Box Society International (MBSI). I travel twice a year to various cities in the US to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, record the minutes, then transcribe and submit the report to the Directors. I am happy to serve as Secretary for the Bay Area Reefers and look forward to learning as much as I can about reef aquariums.

    Webmaster - Denzil (@denzil)
    Denzil is the magical (technical) wizard of BAR. He just re-launched BAR's site on our current XenForo platform. He graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. For his senior project, he and his team built a set of tangible music blocks out of scratch where the sequence of music clips can be moved by hand:

    Webmaster - Alfred (@neuro)
    After receiving his bachelor's in applied math with an emphasis in computer science at UC Berkeley, he decided he liked making movies instead of proving theorems. After a few years in visual fx, he's now in the feature animation industry. With over 10+ years of experience in this hobby and separately in his career, he still considers himself clueless. Don't ask him, he probably doesn't know. Oh, and he's also a doo-doo a head.

    Facilities / Event Coordinator - Steve (@patchin)
    A Graduate from UC Davis in Plant Science many moons ago, Steve has worked in landscape maintenance for 30 years. He has had a saltwater tank for about 10 years, but have gotten more serious about it in the last couple of years. He and his wife, Theresa are very active in the Alzheimers Association and have participated in the Memory Walk on Treasure Island for the last several years. In that time they went from 2 to 41 team members in a year. Steve enjoys fly fishing (not often enough) and sports.

    Officer at Large - Tyler(@tygunn)
    I have been a software engineer for the past decade, and moved to the Bay Area in 2014 to take my career to the next level (and escape the harsh realities of winter on the Canadian prairies). I got into reef aquaria in 2006 when I set up my first tank as a way to develop a non-computer related hobby. The tank was a 140g mixed reef complete with SPS, LPS, and some mushrooms.
    After running for 3 1/2 years the tank was shut down so I could focus on my graduate studies.
    Since then I've dabbled somewhat unsuccessfully with smaller tanks, including a 34g Solana and nano tank at my work. These tanks suffered from a lack of attention as I finished off my grad studies.
    Now that I've moved to the Bay Area I've been slowly tinkering with a 37g Oceanic build. Now that I have spare time, things are coming along nicely. :)
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