Meeting suggestions? :)

Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by Mr. Ugly, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    This is great!

    I don't think it came up before, but how about adding a topic for prop setups?
  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I have drill bits for glass. If anyone wants to try that I can bring the bits to the meeting. We just need to get some glass. AMC sells 12x12 piece for $5 :) ..
  3. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    How about a meeting discussing EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS for a tank?

    Who straps their tank? How do you secure it? Assuming the tank didn't do you keep it alive if the power is out?

    What can we do to protect our tanks?

  4. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    Power outage could be covered in the electrical 101. Car inverter dc/ac ,portable generator or just ups.
  5. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    Yep, can review how to calculate loads and run times.
  6. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    yes, lets make a backup power supply from a car battery! How to and planning costs!
  7. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    i like the one about dips, how to tell diseases/parasites and how to treat for different reef critters in our tanks..
  8. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    I figure we should be able to to photo101, electrical101, diseases/parasites/treatments over the course of upcoming meetings.

    The big deal is to have a person or persons who can put together all the info and present it at a meeting. So far we have a someone putting together electrical101, and we have another person putting together a photography presentation.

    Lots of good topics here. More than enough, and I hope we can do them all. To make them happen, we have to have people, or find people, who can make the commitment to do the work and present the info. Then we can figure out a schedule, and fit all the pieces into place!
  9. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Frank Burr has a great presentation on diseases/parasites/treatments. If asked, I'm sure he'd say yes :D In fact, he's here and could be asked in person.
  10. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    Gresham, that would be super cool! I'd appreciate if you would ask him if he might be interested to be a speaker. At this point, the June, August, October, and December meetings are up for grabs.

    I can follow up with him for arrangements to get him to do the meeting.
  11. Thales

    Thales Past President

    I just talked to Frank. He is very interested and asked to be contacted via pm on RC.

  12. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    Will do! :)
  13. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Here's another suggestion - making your own fish food. I know it's kinda easy, and anyone can do it, but if everyone brings an ingredient we can all share in the cost and walk away with some nice home-made food.
  14. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I would like to know how to grow Rotifer and stuff. It would be cool if we have someone showing us how to do it right.

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