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    Both prices are for 200 cards + 200 cards worth of ink. They're sold in 50 card lots so we need for of each.

    I'll split the cost with the club if you so choose to have permanent name tags. RN will donate the lanyards as so you can wear them at events, or even to LFS :lol:

    Every single BOD since I have been in the club has downplayed the whole discount deal. I think if we do print these there should be a sticky or email sent to all members telling them we have no official BAR discount at any store so please don't ask. Wearing the card may or may not gain you a discount but it will let the store know we have a presence :)
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    Nov 7, 2005
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    Although I support the discount idea, I am ok with whatever the BOD decides. I do like Gresham's idea of showing the club presense and not expecting a discount to.
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    Apr 25, 2008
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    it dosn't act as a ID card, but that part seems like the part which causes all the problems, such as ppl who regester mid year and don't have one, especially if it is considered a must to get the "BAR" discount.

    None of this personaly effects me as almost none of the stores who are sponsers are anywhere near me and the discount isn't needed at green marine, hell I would feel like I was robbing Jim if I asked him to discount a frag....
  4. GreshamH

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    No the discount part is the bone of contention, nothing to do with simply having a ID card/NAME tag. There is NO official BAR discount, BAR does not ask the sponsors to do that and never has.

    You can't please everyone and given this club is 100% volunteer driven things like making cards year round isn't really a doable task. That is not to say I couldn't print some this summer as well if the club so chooses this route.

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