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    [quote author=bluenassarius link=topic=3843.msg46623#msg46623 date=1213952732]
    i probably shouldn't make this post but what the heck..

    aren't the majority of group buys open? vendor, price and terms? every group buy i've been a part of in the past had this.

    after reading finalphaze's post about the free rubble.. i had a personal experience to share also. i'm not going to mention names but i gave a bunch of free coral to someone on the RC forum and they went and resold it. had i known this, i would've given it to someone who would appreciate it and not turn around and sell it.
    [/quote]I did the same thing, gave a local here coral, within 6 months the corals were all for sale. I was pretty bummed out about it, I would have hoped he would have stoked other people out like I stoked him out. Like Patrick says "wow...thats why im glad we have DBTC.." So am I my friend.
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    [quote author=FinalPhaze987 link=topic=3843.msg46624#msg46624 date=1213953297]
    wow now that sucks...turning a profit at the expense of anothers generosity? wow...thats why im glad we have DBTC..

    And to make matters worse it was the same person that got mad at you. I have the inside info.

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