Metal Halide SE vs DE bulbs

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by perculation, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Here's the tank

    If you look in the hall you can see a Brute garbage can for perspective, and yes that is a HUGE chromis, there's quite a few more fish in there now, personifer angel, bandit angel, goldflake angel, red margin wrasse and a couple of other nice fish. Oh yeah, that is not my rockwork, I repeat I did not do that column thing, nor do I ever :D

    Anyway the tank being tall is only half the story if you look at the ceiling line in the hall and transfer that over into the office where the access is, add onto it a large Hamilton MH VHO set up, you can imagine how limited the access really is. Most of you know I'm not a large person (5'6"), so that adds to the challenge. Would you believe me if I said I can, test, wipe down, service filters and do a 50 gallon water change in 1 hour 15 minutes with on site mixing?

    Long ass pick stick, long ass Kent scraper, and the holy grail, the Mighty Magnets Super Algae Sock. With the sock I can get the sand line without scratching the tank, literally burying the wetside of the magnet in the sand. The office side is easy to get with the scraper since that is the working side. Generally if I'm involved with the setup on a large in wall unit like this, I prefer the header to be elevated and a large piece of removable moulding with magnets be placed above the tank so I can access the front, in this case obviously that didn't happen, it's a rescue tank :D
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    Ok, I just got back from a vacation/wedding in San Diego, and my first post is that of SE vs DE?! geeze louise!

    Anyways, I wouldn't worry too much about which is "better" but what will better suit what type of setup you want over your tank. If you have an 18" you might want to stick with DE bulbs simply due to their compact nature.

    There was some mention of reflectors, lumenarc and it's variants specifically, well if you have a small tank they most likely are too large for the tank, hell I have a mini version of a 24" wide tank and it's about about as wide of a reflector as I would ever want on a tank that size. Do you want to throw in any sort of other bulbs (t5s, vhos, led strips, etc) for different levels/colorations you really might not have room with the lumenarc style of reflectors as well. I personally use DE reflectors over my 36" wide tank simply because I wanted many different lighting hues throughout the day as well as different intensities in different spots and their small size allowed that. Now if you want a tank that only has MH bulbs, then yeah lumenarc style reflectors are absolutely great and would probably be my choice.

    So depending upon what you want to do, or what bulb you want should dictate what type of style you want.

    oh and +1 about what everyone said about everyone saying what everyone said :D
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    That is quite a feat!

    Anywho, I'm really enjoying my 250W SE Phoenix 14k's. It's kind of a pain to get the nipple to line up on top at the same time the bulb screw tightness fitment (i.e. have to pull out the metal prong in the socket with pliers). Never had experience with DE's before.
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  5. yellojello

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    Nothing greater than the Great Cornholio to start your day! =)
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    No, cause aren't you supposed to let water mix for at least 24 hours before using? Is that a misconception? Do you do anything special to make the water ready for instant use?
  7. GreshamH

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    Yes and you are not supposed to swim 30 minutes after eating, shouldn't step on cracks, etc, etc. There are a ton of things you are not supposed to do, but what is the basis that is built upon? Some salts you should wait, others mix clean in 10 minutes flat and are usable in the same amount of time.
  8. iCon

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    Rule breaking is fun :)
  9. nudibranch

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    When I mix water I usually just wait till the water looks like the water in my tank already.
  10. bookfish

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    Obviously it depends on the salt brand, the % changed and how regular the changes are (if the corals are used to newish water or not).
  11. tuberider

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    Don't try this at home.... I've pumped cloudy ass mix up water into tanks more time than I can count, never had a problem. Do I recommend it? Not at all, don't do it, it is an occupational thing for me nothing more.

    Currently though I have to say SeaChem hit it out of the park with the Aquavitro, batch #347886.01, it is completely in solution in less than 5 minutes, no cloudiness whatsoever, I think they finally have their formulation dialed.
  12. r0ck0

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    Thats the answer I was looking for. I am currently using H2Ocean and it doesnt mix well at all. It says in the instructions that its normal for a non-organic film to build up. People on other message boards say to mix H2Ocean for 48 hours and then siphon off the water, not pour it as the film is on the surface and there is precipitation in the bottom. The salt seems good, CA, ALK, MG test out well but I would rather have a salt that is not so dirty when freshly mixed or even after 48 hours. I think I will try the aquavitro salt next time. thanks for the tips.

    mission accomplished, thread derailed!
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    You can always count on me to assist in that :D
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    I'm not so sure using a Chinese sourced salt is the best thing for your reef tank. IIRC the stuff on the bottom is not a precip but rather the anti-caking agent (gypsum). I'll call my contacts there and double check that though as it's been a while since I looked into RIO/TAAM/SEIO/Commodity Axis sourced salt.
  15. r0ck0

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    The salt says its made in Israel and is imported by D-D (deltec?) It sounds like crap when you put it that way. Maybe I will be switching sooner than I expected. What/Who is RIO/TAAM/SEIO/Commodity Axis sourced salt? What salt do you use Gresham?
  16. GreshamH

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    Ooops I confused OceanPure with H20cean Ocean Pure is made by Commodity Axis who also make RIO, TAAM and SEIO products. All of them are made in China.

    I was using IO but have recently switched to ESV's B-Ionic Salt System. Mixes clean in 10 minutes flat. No odd smells, super pure and the levels are what I like :)
  17. r0ck0

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    Well thats good I guess... But its still silty and filmy. So where is a LFS that sells ESV in the southbay?
  18. GreshamH

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    I'm afraid I don't know of any local sources as of yet. Pan Ocean is the local distributor of ESV and I don't think they've gotten any in yet. Go to your favorite LFS and have them push PAN to get it in. The more that push, the more they'll listen.

    Coral Reef Ecosystems (Steve) up in Guernville brings it in but that is hardly South Bay :(
  19. GreshamH

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    OK just hit his website and saw no mention so i would email him.
  20. r0ck0

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    I'm gonna talk to Robert at neptune, see if they can order some. I'm worried about mixing ESV because of the trace elements are separate and would be easy to over/under dose. I am very precise when I mix my kalk and salt now, use a scale to weigh instead of volume to measure. Am I needlessly worried about mixing of ESV?

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