Mike and Ashley's 150g reef tank (our first)

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by WCKDVPR, May 31, 2017.

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    Turn off the flow, put it on a rock, let it settle for about 10 minutes.

    I've also loosely rubber banded them to a rock before.

    WCKDVPR Guest

    Thanks. It was on a rock for about a day and then this morning was blowing around the tank. I'll try the rubber band!
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    For ricordea, or shroom in general, I would cut holes in a container and place some rubbles in and the shroom on top. Leave it in low flow area for a few weeks for attachment and glue whatever rubble it is attached to on the rock.

    I haven't had any luck getting my tri-color tort to color up. It is growing well, but staying light brown.
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    Toss some rubble into a container, toss the ricordea in, place some mesh over the top, rubber band to keep the mesh on the container, and then wait.
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    Hey Mike!
    You seem to have gone M.I.A. Hope all is okay

    WCKDVPR Guest

    Hi All,

    Everything is going well. Just super busy at a new start up trying to pull together a team and make timelines. Rescued by Vincent a few times - THANKS!

    Tank is doing well. I've added quite a few soft corals which are all doing well and just a couple of hard corals. Had a bout with hair algae, followed by some aptasia (really not sure how that got in there as I have been dipping everything) which I seemed to have killed off with a handful of berghia (at least all the visible ones are gone), now basically trying to stay ahead of an outbreak of chaeto in the display tank. It's all good though, I expected a lot of stuff to happen being a newbie and it hasn't been bad, just one thing at a time and not a complete outbreak of multiple issues.

    Parameters have been pretty stable using kalk in my ATO and then doing some additional Ca and Alk. Everything is about where I want it except Alk, which I targeting 8ish for some unknown reason. No matter how much I dose, it just stays around 7.3-7.5.
    Temp 78
    pH 8.1
    Ca 420-430
    Alk 7.3-7.5
    Mg 1250-1280
    Salinity 34.5-35.0
    Phos and nitrates 0.0

    Added a purple firefish and then later a small tomini tang. The firefish hides more now than it did with just the clowns in there. The two cleaner shrimp are almost eating size!

    Funny thing happened. The tricolor I originally received from Vincent turned completely white and no ployps were visible for well over a month. Figuring I killed it, I got tired of looking at it and broke it off the rocks with the intent of replacing it. It had melted pretty good, so there was still some pure white smooth skeleton remaining on the rocks. Well quite some time has passed and the white skeleton is now a reddish color and covered in polyps. Go figure.

    Next up is I am going to try and get a colony of pods going so I can ultimately add a Mandarin Goby. I could use another fish or two, so suggestions are welcome. I have:
    2 clowns
    1 small Tomini tang
    1 purple firefish
    2 cleaner shrimp

    Also thinking just for fun maybe an urchin.

    I also need some bright blue something in the tank - high flow and high lighting location for one and medium flow and medium lighting for the other. Thoughts?

    Can't seem to be able to post a picture of the tank, but I'll keep trying.

    Ashley and I'll try and make a club event soon and catch up with everyone. She is actually taking her SAT test right now, so she has been busy as well.

    Best regards,
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    Welcome back, people have started to worry when you didn’t post for anything.

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    WCKDVPR Guest


    A couple of new corals still sitting around on plugs. I'm getting a small saw for my anniversary so I can cut the plugs down and properly mount the corals. I need suggestions for stuff for the top of the right side rock structure. Tank 5-5-18.jpg
  9. daddio

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    Glad you are ok! was gonna organize a search party:eek:

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