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    Hello All,

    Lately I've just been lurking it seems. With an odd work schedule and doing commuting to Davis a couple times a week, forum (and for that matter club) participation has unfortunately been lacking. That said, I have a little time tonight and wanted to introduce my little tank to everyone.

    The tank is a JBJ 28 gallon 150HQI. I've had it for nearly two years now and have been relatively pleased with it's progress (not that there hasn't been an issue or two). It has successfully made it through a 27 hour power outage, a move from the Davis area to the East Bay, a nasty infestation of Bryopsis, and is currently getting the Mithrax Crab treatment for Valonia.

    Tank Stats:

    JBJ 28 Gallons
    150 HQI
    Current bulb is XM 15K (Not liking it all that much)
    I mod'd the lighting with 2 Dual 18W actinics from Nanotuners
    Has 4 moon lights
    Replaced cheesy skimmer with Aqua Remora
    1/15 Hp JBJ Arctica Chiller (mandatory in my opinion)
    Currently running Little Fishes reactor with GFO
    Filtering with Carbon
    Using Neptune Systems ACIII to control lights and temp
    Using a Litermiter III to run two parts solution from BRS, adding Mg solution manually

    Water changes were 15% weekly until I moved and have less time at the moment, so it is now 20% every two weeks. I have a Spectrapure RODI system with dual TDS meter, but have only been using the Dual DI filters given the low TDS locally, and given our drought situation. I am using the color changing DI resin.

    Tank Inhabitants:

    1 Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel
    1 Tomato Clown
    1 Pacific Cleaner Shrimp
    2 Mithrax Crabs


    Various Zoa's and mushrooms
    Pink Leather
    Yellow Montipora digitata
    As yet not properly ID'd Monti cap thought to be Tyree Flower petal - About 6" across and ready to DBTC !
    Red Monti Cap about 5" across
    Cali Tort Coral
    Steve Elias Coral
    Tyree LE Minefield Cyphastrea - Won at MARS fragswap raffle in Oct 07. I have a couple frags ready to DBTC !
    Green Pocillopora - About 4" in diameter now
    Hammer Coral - about 20+ heads
    Torch Coral - had to put him in a secluded area of tank due to constant chemical warfare with other tankmates
    Kenya tree on separate LR
    Green Favia Frag
    Blue Clove Coral
    Green Ricordia
    Candy Cane Coral
    A greenish brown birdsnest that turned bright pink when placed in the upper part of the tank

    Sorry I don't have pics to post tonight. I will post some tomorrow.
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    Jun 10, 2008
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    Found some pics of what the tank looked like new. Here they are:

    Side View

    After about 1 year it looked like this:

    Now that I look at it and see all the Bryopsis I cringe.

    Here are some individual coral shots from around that time frame:

    That's it for now. I'm not actually at home so I can't post my most recent pics but will do so later.

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