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    Nov 7, 2005
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    While I haven't gotten many in a while, I figure I'd throw the curiosity bone out there... almost sure I missed some but .. eh whatever

    Red blastomussa wellsi - dswong, jimsar, lordhelmet

    "Phoenix" cap (orange/pink cap) - Mr Ugly, dswong

    Pink & Green pocillapora - Mr Ugly, Otterpop, Jeremy (I guess?)

    "Snowflake" digitata - Mr Ugly.

    AoG zoas - Elite

    Mike's no name acan - Seminolecpa

    Pink w blue eye Lepastrea - Euod, Patchin, NewReefNut

    "Tricolor" lepastrea - Vincerama, Dyngoe

    Becker Tort - ibn (and so many others I gave pieces away too, but not in an "official" manner)

    Blue insignius - from dswong
    --offered frags, no one bit, unsure where the coral is now or if it perished.

    Orange polyp green base digiata - from tonggao
    -- Nudibranchs did this one in :|

    Pink/Green mille - from saltwatersig
    --- passed on frags to newreefnut, gomer, dochou

    Palmer's blue Mille - from rleechb
    --- passed on to euod, currently bleached out a bit due to heater malfunction.

    acans - from Ian
    --- passed on frags to bluenassarius

    Aussie acan - From Natterjak
    --- passed onto Patchin, Xinumaster, Gomer

    Raspberry Lemonade - from VaporMD
    --- Unfortunately lost this frag (literally) when moving rocks from one tank to the other.

    Acropora-Efflorescens Ugliest - from who knows... everyone and their grandmother was supposed to give me a piece... someone did eventually but I forgot too.
    --- Currently growing, VERY slowly.

    Kong's eye favia - from Ibn
    --- Still alive, PITA to frag everytime I do the frags die and the rest goes to crap

    Baby's Breath/Sunburst favia - from Ibn
    --- Same as Kong's eye

    Montipora Setosa - from fishez4alivin
    --- Its growing, not as fast as I'd like, but it's chugging along

    Appleberry monti - from fishez4alivin
    --- Was supposed to get the mystic sunset, there was a mixup *shrug* I got this instead, growth seems non-existent

    Fools Gold lepastrea - from bluenassarius
    --- no one wanted frags

    Some micro - from Gomer
    --- Left on top of the tank overnight, skeleton by morning.
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    Feb 27, 2007
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    Mike I bought the becker tort from you.
  3. sfsuphysics

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    Nov 7, 2005
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    My bad, I looked at the "post your transactions" list, and saw your name, looking to the original thread I passed it on to Eric not you.
  4. Ibn

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    Feb 20, 2007
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    Yup, got that one...but like everything else w/the chiller issue, it's no longer around with me. :(

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