Minutes for BOD meeting, March 12th, 2011

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    Bay Area Reefers
    Board of Directors Meeting
    March 12th, 2011

    In attendance:
    President: Bryan (Seminolcpa)
    Vice President: Jeremy (Tuberider)
    Secretary: John (Screebo)
    Treasurer: Brian (Tumbleweed)
    Propagation: Dave Houser (Houser)
    Events: Jon (JAR)
    Sponsorship: Ian (iani)

    Gresham H
    Mr. Ugly
    Reef Keeper

    President called to order 1:07 PM

    1. Planning for the Prop Program
    2. Planning for BayMac

    Prop Program:
    Buy some from Live Aquaria
    Some donated from members
    Who do we pick, do they have the capacity to be able to do it.
    Are they experienced enough to do it
    Pains: recording information
    Transportation of coral
    Importance of LPS and SPS prop
    Not a lot of people come to mind!
    Bryan would like to see 10 names, min of 2 species per farmer.
    10 corals, two pieces of each, preferably 3. 10 Propers makes sense.

    Brian on the swap financials:
    Took in $3800 from all proceeds. Profit on ticket sales unknown at this time.

    Gresham on Baymac:
    Gresham has been coordinating and considering how many people will be needed for the Baymac event. These are his notes:
    Please note some of these jobs can be doubled up as they are separated as "time of need". NCRC, CVR and NVR have all asked what they can do to help. I would like to get a forum in place to coordinate this. Perhaps a new one can be created on BAR?
    I will break this list down into tasks for categories like "load in". Those people will be helping put up signs, etc.
    Load in - Water tender crew (4 - 6 people)
    Load in - Water tender crew leader
    Load out - Water tending crew (4 - 6 people)
    Load out - Water tending crew leader
    Electrician - Mikey
    Electrician helper
    Load in crew (4 - 6 people)
    Load in crew leader
    Load out crew (4 - 6 people)
    Load out crew leader
    Raffle crew leader
    Raffle crew 1 (2 - 3 people)
    Raffle crew 2 (2 - 3 people)
    Raffle crew 3 (2 - 3 people)
    Raffle crew 4 (2 - 3 people)
    Raffle crew 5 (2 - 3 people)
    Raffle set up crew (4 - 6 people)
    Raffle crew leader
    Raffle mc
    Raffle runner crew
    Door prize crew
    Door prize crew leader
    Door prize mc
    Usher crew 1 (2 - 4 people)
    Usher crew 2 (2 - 4 people)
    Usher crew 3 (2 - 4 people)
    Speaker handler 1
    Speaker handler 2
    Speaker handler 3
    AV crew
    Swag bag stuffing crew
    Swag bag crew leader
    Swag crew 1 (2 people)
    Swag crew 2 (2 people)
    Swag crew 3 (2 people)
    Swag crew 4 (2 people)
    Door crew 1 (2 people)
    Door crew 2 (2 people)
    Door crew 3 (2 people)
    Door crew 4 (2 people)
    Clean up crew (all the more help we can get the better)
    Floor manager
    Speaker manager
    Vendor manager
    Other logistics:
    Booths, opening up wall to open up room for more venders?.
    Get in on Friday, 7:30 latest according to Steve P
    Venders and speakers have all been secured, flyers this week.

    Baymac Tank:
    Lighting: Jeremy has a line of RB strips from Robert at Neptune for a special price.
    Considering LED so coral should be such color as take avantage of lighting.
    Hang on skimmer, carbon filter, maybe diatomatius earth filter.
    Third raffle for Baymac volunteers.
    Get an idea of how many people to expect.
    Mars, San Diego, Wine country……….???

    April meeting is set as is May
    Some debate about what room is most appropriate for different swaps. Cafeteria is best for sloppy swaps. Need a head of check in for coral. Need a pit-bull type.
    Have plastic containers and labels available for purchase those who bring plastic bags or lousy containers. Also, food……….we provide?......Frank?.......give ticket for food……covered in entrance price.


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    Thanks John.

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