Minutes for January 2011 BOD meeting

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    Bay Area Reefers
    Board of Directors Meeting
    January 8, 2011

    In attendance:
    President: Bryan (Seminolcpa)
    Vice President: Jeremy (Tuberider)
    Secretary: John Edwards (Screebo)
    Treasurer: Brian (Tumbleweed)
    Propagation: Dave Houser (Houser)
    Events: Jon (JAR)

    Gresham H
    Costa 510
    Mr. Ugly

    President call the meeting to order at 1:15 PM

    Swap and logistics:

    It was decided that the fee for swap participation will be $5 for members and $10 for non members up to 1 week before the swap (5pm Feb 5th). The fee will increase to $20 on the day of the swap. The reason for the fee is not necessarily to raise revenues for the club but more-so to offset the cost of running the swap. It is important that we get a large percentage of people to pre-register for the swap as it assists us in logistics such as set-up, picking groups, and food planning.

    Estimated numbers for the current swap are approximately 200 participants. We had some discussion regarding whether or not it made sense to increase the number of picking groups from the current 10 rounds (A-J) to a larger number of rounds. It was decided that rather then increase the number of rounds, we would increase the size of the picking area. A quick survey was conducted of the adjacent cafeteria to discuss layout options. Bryan will connect with TimTen regarding printing of the name tags and picking groups. Dave and others will work with cwolfus regarding the excel program we have for the picking group time as well as look into the possibility of adding raffle numbers to the projector program. We will also try to even out the picking groups a bit more by only putting half of the name tags from each group in at a time. We will replenish the supply once the first batch is depleted.

    Jeremy has posted the swap announcements up in the local club forums as well as our forum. We have also sent out a general letter to some equipment sponsors to gauge their interest in sponsoring the swap. Red Sea has responded and will be hosting a booth at the swap where they will be conducting demos of some of their new products. We expect some response shortly from other sponsors.

    We have put together a flier for our LFS sponsors to have available to hand out to customers with information about the swap in the hope that it will help add to the interest outside of the club.

    A sign-up list will be posted shortly on the forum with specific needed tasks. The swap has gotten very much to the point in that it runs itself, but the more labor intensive parts were identified as check in, raffle, and moving and checking coral in. Bryan will reach out to Steve to obtain some of the information on the food vendors to ensure we have food available at the swap.

    We had a discussion regarding give-aways at the raffle. We believe between the standards we have on hand and those still held by Mr. Ugly, that we will have enough to meed the potential demand for the swap. We further discussed including handouts from sponsors as well as perhaps a ticket for a door prize (possibly from a contribution that we may receive from one of the national sponsors). Gresham will also be checking on the cost of possibly printing out BAR stickers as well as checking to see if RN will be able to donate bags for the give aw

    A "what are you bringing to the swap" thread has been started for the swap and Bryan encouraged everyone to post and to try to create as much hype as possible to the thread so that it will help build interest and excitement surrounding the swap.

    Club PA and Projector:

    There was discussion surrounding the age and the usefulness of the current club projector and pa system. Comments have been made by members in the past regarding their ability to hear announcements at the swap, and we are currently borrowing a microphone every time we have the need for the pa system. We also discussed the issues with the age of the projector and its size limitations, whether it makes sense to upgrade to one that is a little more current. Based on these facts and the available surplus in the budget, it was decided that we would look into purchasing both some new PA equipment as well as a projector with a budget of $2,500. It was felt that this would be a good infrastructure type investment for the club especially considering the upcoming swap, BAYMAC and the growth of the general meetings.

    Membership renewals:
    Membership renewal is underway and will be concluding on Feb 1. Brian said we are doing, "pretty goood so far" and are getting about 10 or 12 renewals and/or new member sign ups per day. 50 or 60 so far.

    By Laws:
    It was suggested there is still confusion regarding when the new BAR board members take over responsibility from the prior years group. The bylaws are not very clear if the transition was immediately after elections or upon the start of the next calendar year. Bryan will be writing up a formal addition to the by-laws that states that the new BOD officially takes office once they are elected and will continue until the following years elections. The by-law amendment will be posted up shortly to the forum for an on-line vote.

    Frag Tank:
    Jeremy told us the 36 x 20 x 8 tank will be ready for Baymac. Gen from Kritter will be building it for us with beveled edges and all the nice features as soon as he finishes the current large project he is working on. We anticipate that it will be ready in plenty of time for BAYMAC.

    Prop Program:
    Dave Houser and Bryan have been working a little behind the scenes at how it should be set up on the forum but were having a little trouble with our Forum software in order to have some live examples. Three goals are hoped to be achieved in the program: (1) To be educational (2) To have it pay for itself (3) To have a system of controlling LE corals and lineage. It was decided in the meeting that we would set up a single container for the prop program with 3 distinct forums beneath it. The first will be focused on the particular corals and will be read only to all but the porppers and the BOD. It will contain specific information on the corals and subsequent updates on its progress. The second will have information on the proppers themselves including their setup, tank parameters etc.. It will also be read only to all but the proppers and the BOD. The final forum will be a Prop Q&A forum. The purpose of this forum will be for general discussion as well as specific questions regarding the program, corals etc. It will be read write to everyone.

    Our starting place will be to take about 5 corals within the club now that have not been widely disbursed to seed the program along with shortly purchasing 5 others order to get the program underway. We will have further discussions on the BOD forum as to potential candidates for proppers and reach out to them once they have been identified.

    Sponsor Gifts:

    We should look to last years budget amount (thought to be about $25 per sponsor) and purchase something like cookies or the like for our sponsors similar to last year. It is a nice thank you to our sponsors for all they have done for us over the last year.

    LFS banners:
    We have had some interest from some of the LFS sponsors to have a BAR banner in their stores. We had a brief discussion. Gresham has a connection to a printer that will do a great job for a fair price. Bryan will also check with TimTen as he has assisted us with other banners for the club.

    The President adjourned the meeting at 2:30 PM

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