Minutes from BOD Meeting 12/7/13

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    I have attached a PDF of the minutes from the December meeting.

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  2. Coral reefer

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    That was timely!
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    Hmmmm.... looking at the proposed schedule for 2014 there appears to be some changes on how we are going to be doing things....

    2/8 - Club swap... only a little over 2 1/2 months and another swap?

    Only 2 speaker events? 6/14 and 10/11? If speakers are going to be at other meeting it would be nice to know.

    3 Touring events as meetings? If all of these are to research or manufacturing sites this could be educational/cool but not just member tank tours. Driving around and viewing tanks will not encourage membership or attendance.

    Nothing for January, March, or November?

    No Dr. Ross for December? It's kinda traditional and DIY workshops can be added onto any of the other meeting days either before or after the meetings for those interested... otherwise it's a limited audience and not conducive for a holiday gathering where many have far to drive.

    No BOD meetings? I'm sure there are, but not scheduled or not open for members to observe/participate?

    This is only my opinion!!!! YMMV :p As the board you are supposed to do what you think will grow/sustain the club by catering to the members needs and wants. However, based on the proposed schedule for next year I would only want to attend 2 meetings..... and that would depend on the speakers.

  4. FeliciaLynn

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    Gregory, thanks for the feedback! Due to budgetary concerns, we decided to cut back big events to every other month. As of this year, we have to pay room fees for the room rentals at Chabot. We also thought that it would be best to limit the number of flown in, out of town speakers due to budgeting. That's why we wanted to try more events that were hands on and got the members involved. For example, the DIY workshop. Talks are great and very educational, but they also lose the social aspect of the club and don't always engage and involve the members. For this year, I was wanting to mix it up a bit by having some meetings with a speaker and some meetings that are more hands-on and social. That way it caters to all different interests in the club.

    The tours listed on there will be things like Romberg-Tiburon, Kessil, and Steinhart. Tank tours could also happen, but usually a member just volunteers to plan one and they don't fall in the second Saturday schedule. They're kind of a side thing.

    The club swap was switched with the regional swap to avoid conflicts with the other local clubs regional swaps, which happen in the fall. Unfortunately, that does make the club swaps close together for this year, but in future years they will continue to be spaced a year apart as usual. That's something you just can't avoid for the first year you switch a date for an event.

    The BOD meetings just aren't all scheduled yet. I am sure we will address that soon!
  5. sfsuphysics

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    From what I understand the swap time is because the BoD wanted to switch around the member/regional swap, wanted the regional swap more in the summer/warmer time.

    Tank tours have never been club sponsored events, they have always been events that other members put together, why so many San Francisco tours? Because Arnold busts his butt to make that happen. Not many tours elsewhere? People from those areas need to organize.

    Meetings have gone to every other month in the past year (years?) the off months are typically your BoD meetings which don't get announced as "events", also the tours in the past I believe have also been in those off months. That said, the BoD is who makes the meetings happen and they do so with input from members, however that usually is done at BoD meetings which many members might not go to.

    Also Chabot costs money now? Is it reasonable amounts of money? Or should be looking to other locations?
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    Welcome to the BOD Felicia. :p

    IMHO it's tough to balance a schedule between educational, social, entertaining, etc. and keep everybody happy. The fact that there are budgetary constraints and room fees at Chabot next year only further handicaps what you can do. Scheduling BAR tank tours instead of meetings encourages socializing...and who doesn't like showing off their tank ? Also, ending a tank tour at a LFS sponsor helps show our support. The Steinhart tour is always a hit with members as well as the RTC tour & barbecue. Sharing speakers costs with other clubs is a option as we'll utilizing local speakers. On a side note, I always wanted to do a fish mush member party which would be fun and economical.
  7. aqua-nut

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    Interesting discussion.

    OK, I gotta ask. What the heck is a 'fish mush member party'? Hope it's not related to crab cakes!
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  8. rygh

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    Suggestion for months with no big events: Simple BBQ + Informal / DBTC Swap at LFS sponsors.
    LFS provides space in parking lot.
    A member can probably bring a propane grill. Club can buy some hot dogs.
    Simple social event / swap.
    But hopefully with an emphasis on getting DBTC cranked up.
  9. Apon

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    Aquarium of the Bay is nice too...I am also a member. Maybe we could tour there too....though its not a coral reef place. Trip to Monteray Aquarium? Charge admission to Tank Tours to raise funds :)
  10. Thanks for the great input, everyone!

    Having speakers is part of our club's educational mandate, and we were fortunate enough to have several very notable speakers who have given presentations at MACNA, largely due to Jim's amazing efforts. Unfortunately the attendance does not justify the expenses of flying someone out here, putting them up in hotels, and either renting them a car or having a BOD member chauffeur them around all weekend.

    We have many talented members in this club, and frankly we should want to be more involved in elevating our understanding and husbandry abilities. Events such as the "New to the Hobby/Club" symposium are designed to allow members to share their learned experience with new hobbyists and members, and we will be asking for help from the membership. No need to be modest, everyone here has someone to contribute.

    Moving the Members' Only swap to the beginning of the year was a calculated move for two specific reasons:
    1. This is an easy swap to manage, as it is very well blueprinted and executed by Charlie and Sergio. The beginning of the year is typically a turbulent time with changes to the BOD composition, and it can be hectic to have everyone aligned while trying to organize the regional swap.
    2. Most of our sister clubs in the area have their regional swaps in the spring, and it's nice to have a regional swap in the fall.

    There's nothing particularly preventing us from having more events with the exception of volunteer bandwidth and funding. If you want to help organize a meeting, such as the idea about crashing a sponsor's place with a BBQ, do it! This is your club, and you ought to be able to make the most of it.
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    You haven't lived unless you've been to one. :p
    It's where hobbyists get together and make their version of Rod's Food. Now the million dollar question is who brings home the stinky blender to their unsuspecting significant other !
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  12. aqua-nut

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    So it is like crab cakes. Just feed it to the tank raw!

    It's so confusing sometimes...

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