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  1. scuzy

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    So I keep seeing them being acclimated to salt water. How do we know they don't like eating corals since it's not their natural habitat.

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  2. My understanding is they have such a wide range of natural habitats that even saltwater is "natural." They are primarily brackish water fish, but their natural territory encompass freshwater rivers all the way into the coastal waters. I've encountered them at the beach in large schools in North Carolina. s to coral I believe that they prefer algae and other plant based food more.
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    Doubtful that they'll touch corals since their dentals aren't evolved to consume corals.

    Out of curiosity, why are you acclimating mollies to sw? They're grazers and will munch on algae, but you can get away with other sw alternatives.
  4. scuzy

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    Just thought it's cool not like I am :)

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    Hi Scuzy,

    I like the fish on your profile picture :) What is it?
    Have you find answer to your question?

  6. scuzy

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    It's a flame wrasse. Yeahi think I found my answer.

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