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    This thread is a split from another thread about frag swaps that got off topic.

    :D Lefty


    That's suck Roy.... I picked up 10 bags 11 pieces total and everyone of them doing great... That is including a beat up "charlie". I believe this workshop is much better than the first. Everyone gets to "cut" something. The frag's size are much better too.
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    If the registry is something that can be kept in Excel, I can work on it. If it needs to be kept in Access, it's out of my league.

    Regarding the corals, for the most part, everyone I asked at the Demo didn't know the names of the SPS or how to keep them. Unfortunately, I didn't follow you around to pick up more tidbits of info. Since you were involved in serveral discussions regarding the ID's, would you mind posting a list of what was fragged? I know one of my unknown frags sort of looks like my green pachyseris; but, it has the same color on both sides and ridges look different. Thus, I like it's another species.

    Regarding the QT/Dip procedures, I had interceptor. I set up a 5 gallon QT tank with water from my main tank with a heater and filter for circulation. I put all the frags in and treated them. The next morning, I took them out and put them into a 25 with MH lighting. It has been all downhill from there.

    Best of luck,

  3. Mr. Ugly

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    I had 10 acro pieces. 2 of those RTN'd. The rest are ok so far.

    One of the RTN pieces was from a colony cut on the tile saw. The frag was large, with 1/4" to 3/8" diameter branches. Maybe 1.5" overall length.

    The other piece was a small diameter branch that was cut with hand cutters. Reddish brown color. Not one of the fluorescent green ones.
  4. Thales

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    Don't know how it should be kept. :D If you have ideas, please let me know.

    Ah. IDing 'fresh' acros can be pretty daunting, as can be determining how to keep them. Hopefully, with Jim over there, next time we can get a shipment just for us. :D

    I'll try to find the list.

    How did you measure the interceptor? I have found that a slight overdose can generate the results that you unfortunately experienced.
  5. sfsuphysics

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    Well my idea, as much as Roy wants, isn't really a registry thing. Granted it can be further extended to a registry, and I agree that would be nice and could potentially be a family tree of sorts but that was WAY more work than I was thinking since in this case you'd need to have everyone write down what type of frag they are bringing, and if it came from another swap etc etc.. not my plan at all and I'm not volunteering for that ;)

    My idea was just to keep a census of the frag swaps, which is the whole anonymous part of things ie it doesn't matter WHO physically brought the stuff just what was brought. Then if there's ever something to be brought up in a meeting about changing formats, or if someone asks "how much diversity really gets spread around", you can bang a gavel and say "Well lets get out Mike's wonderfully colorful charts and graphs and compare!"
  6. Thales

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    Either way, your hired!

    Thanks! The info will be helpful.

    If we could get everyone to take a pic of the colony they will be fragging, and post it in some sort of database and then kept track of who got frags of it...

  7. dswong01

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    I had one acro rtn after 4 days and one acro mounted on a rock got knock over by a fish started to rtn on one of the branches. I broke that piece off that branch and remounted. That piece stopped rtn so far. All other corals from fragworkshop doing fine. Is there a list of corals from the workshop. Or can we get a picture and name of each of the coral?
  8. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Still looking for the list. Sorry. It wasn't very detailed though.
  9. Thales

    Thales Past President

    The list just says 'med acro' type stuff. :(
  10. racrumrine

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    In an earlier post, Bookfish said he picked them all out, set them aside, and then reviewed the bill with ASAP.

    Does Jim remember or does the invoice show any details of what he picked out?

    The acro species are probably the hardest to remember, what were the other species? I have something that is green that sort of looks like a cross between a montipora capricornis and my pachyseris. What was that one?


  11. GreshamH

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    That would be a Oxy or a mycidium (sp?) IIRC. It's some type of chalice ;)

    The invoice doesn't show details and Jim isn't reachable for some time now. He'll be wrapped up in coral farming/running an export station for some time to come. He needs to settle :D
  12. GreshamH

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    Folks, please stay on topic here. This thread is for Frag Swap info and guidlines, not ID workshop corals. Let's leave this thread as a dedicated place for the swap and start a new one for the workshop coral :D
  13. Thales

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    I think coral id is harder than you think it is. :D Jim did pick them out, but he didn't spend an hour with 'Corals of the world' id'ing them to the species level.
    Invoices from exporters and wholesalers often are very general in regards to id, and even if they aren't, trusting their id's is a iffy prospect.

    A pic would help. There was a green monti that we fragged up, and there were also some chalices. It think echino, but its hard to tell

  14. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Thanks Gresham!

    If I get time, I'll move some posts around.

  15. racrumrine

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    I was thinking maybe Leptoseris or a Pavona. Did you frag any of that?


  16. Thales

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    I don't think so. Take a pic! :D
  17. badpacket

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    This may or may not be feasible.

    What if we try to number each of the corals prior to fragging, after everyone gets a good look at the colony.

    Give 10-15 people 15 bags each and a marker and a number to write, and it would be done in 5 minutes. We usually have a fair number of people hanging out as there are only so many people who can carry frags, bag, etc.
    As each coral is fragged, you could have several buckets of water around which 2-3 people could bag each colonies frags.

    Seems like it would be more efficient use of manpower.

    When its time to pick a coral, most people would have a group of numbers that they are looking to get, and would probably result in less mauling of the other frags as they are repeatedly picked up and put down.

    Also, and best of all, even though this might be seen as a little more work up front, you could have a quick raise of hands to see how many people want a frag of #1, #2, #3, etc and as long as there are enough frags in each pile, have everyone simply go to the # they want and pick one.

    If 20 people want a frag of one colony that only has 15 frags, there are several ways to resolve that very quickly and verifiably.

    At a minimum, if we can get frags separated into categories, you should be able to have a first pick for everyone who wants SPS, LPS, and softies at one time. For anything rare or very limited, we could always use the standard format somehow. I think the key is to get more than one pick line going at a time.
  18. GreshamH

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    We did do a pavona Roy.

    Fred, I like the # idea.
  19. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I think Rich was going to do this originally, but then a wave of people came in a little bit after everything was talked about and the idea was scrapped to go to the picking style.

    Some oother thing is to have someone be the offical photographer (whomever remembered to bring a camera that is :)). Have all the frags pictured in colony form right before fragging, in such an order that we know that is "a frag from colony #8" and later on those pictures can be posted here so people can see what they got. Even though it doesn't help with picking.

    Option #2 is the same way, then have someone transfer those pics to a laptop and quickly use MS paint or whatever to put the number in the corner then shine them on the wall ( I noticed a projector at the frag swap doing it last time ), with a relatively quick slideshow of the directory with all the colony shots so people can quickly see what frags are out there.
  20. GreshamH

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    Hmmm if some one can commit to that, I like that as well.

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