More harm than good due to aggressive approach?

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  1. D0661E750

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    BAR folks:
    Few days ago PBT was covered with The ICH but still look strong. For efficiency, I was planning to remove 50% water from the QT BB 120G tank and treat all the fish with copper, remove some softies too this weekend.

    Please see my thoughts below:

    • PBT this AM looks good, seemed like ICH are mostly gone. I will remove most LR with softies.

    • Beneficial copepods/ bristleworms aren't copper safe so I have to remove majority of LR and rearranging LR that will causing more stress.

    I am afraid I would do more harm than good. Should I proceed?

    •Note: ~15 Fish have another 90days in the QT to make it to the DT. For now this is their home, do I need to use a pskimmer?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.
  2. Enderturtle

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    PBT= powder blue tang I presume

    Are you trying to eliminate ich completely or just treat the fish?

    Remember live rock can absorb copper so dont treat the rock wih copper if you plan on reusing it for a coral reef tank.

    Theres a good amount of people that think ich is always in their system. Good parameters, no stress from aggressive fish, and healthy feeding should relieve fish from ich breakouts.

    If using copper to treat fish make sure to keep copper at the appropriate levels with a test kit.

    Too little = Useless.
    Too much = Dead fish.

    Have you looked into the tank transfer method?

    Little complicated and the equipment has to be DRY before transferring.
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  3. Enderturtle

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    It sounds like youre deciding whether to fully treat your fish or ride the ich through.

    I think youre gonna have to make that decision yourself.

    Some people here spend over a month quarantining fish and believe their tanks are ich free. Some people quarantine their corals and snails for weeks.

    Some people here dont quarantine fish at all. Theyve observed ich on their tangs now and then and sure they lost a couple fish but good parameters and happy fish usually mean theyre not gonna die from ich.
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  4. D0661E750

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    IMO, TTM is crazy hell if you have a big system. It ain't gonna work for me. I have thought about ozone and BB tank system, need these together to be effective, but sand looks natural and pleasing. It's also a cheaper approach as long as u have fish that ain't
  5. Coral reefer

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    Copper sucks.
    There are iter newer better chemicals nowadays. Think chloroquine is one. I forget the names. Maybe someone else can chime in. @rygh maybe?
  6. sfsuphysics

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    Well from the sounds of it, it almost sounds like you put copper in your main tank, in which case... uh oh.
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