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  1. Yeah, I can't even get the Hydor Slim. It won't fit either. I'm guessing I'll be fine with the Hydor Nano. It's only rated to 35g, and my whole setup is 40g. Am I right in thinking that? It got excellent reviews. There's not much else that will fit. Only other thing I can find is Innovative Marine's skimmer, and that got horrible reviews.
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    Yeah I was just reading the IM skimmer reviews. Not good. 35g would work on a lightly stocked tank or you can also just depend a little more heavily on more frequent water changes.

    There may be some better HOB options too.
  3. That's what I'm thinking, more frequent water changes and emptying of the cup.

    I can't do HOB. Husband will kill me. We're trying to prevent any accidents since we're in an apartment. Hence the all in one tank.
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    I've recently moved from SD to the bay area and am still active on the forums down there. I actually just saw one of the hydor Nanos for sale last night if your interested.

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  5. I appreciate it, but that's the Hydor Slim, not the Nano. It's too big. Drs Foster and Smith has a good deal going on, so I may just buy it, try it, and sell it if it doesn't work out.
  6. Jeremy

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    Oh I'm sorry. Since you pointed that out I actually may buy this myself!!

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    • Kessil is in transit to deliver today (ebay)
    • Jebao WP10 & Eheim Jager 125w Heater will arrive today (cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else)
    • CAD Light Nano 50 Protein Skimmer is on it's way from Marine Depot:

    "Good news, CARRIE!

    Your aquarium supplies have been carefully picked from Marine Depot's shelves like delicate berries and placed into a wicker basket lined with unicorn fur. With the grace of a ballerina, we tiptoed them to our packing station where Santa's Elves who work with us during their off-season prepared your order for shipment.

    Your products were methodically placed in each box using techniques taught to us by a former Tetris World Champion. Using a pair of tweezers, we placed hundreds of packing peanuts one-by-one into every nook and cranny to ensure safe transport. We are proud to share with you that our packing peanuts are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and made using 100% recycled content. They also do not trigger peanut allergies. Eat your heart out, Mr. Peanut.

    Saying goodbye to such sought-after products is always gut-wrenching. That is why we offer employees unlimited handkerchiefs as a part of our generous benefits package. As your order was whisked away at light speed down our assembly line into the loving arms of the shipping courier, our warehouse elves, with tears in their eyes, joined hands and whispered, "Jábba sô kalîk qonay." We don't speak Elvish ourselves, but they tell us the rough translation is "May these supplies bring stability and success to the aquarium and its owner." Wow, we are getting a little choked up ourselves now. Thanks, elves.

    As the delivery truck pulled away from our warehouse dock, a rare double rainbow appeared overhead. That's when we knew the products we had raised since they were mere hatchlings were on their way to a better home. Please take care of them and, we promise, they will take care of you.

    With sincere appreciation,

    The Family"​

    So all that's left is the Apex controller, which I'm not in a huge hurry to get. With MACNA in August, I'm concerned they might come out with a new model, or Reef Angel might come out with something better. Anyway, I've never had one before, so there's no rush.

    Thanks to everyone's suggestions, the final cost was a lot cheaper than I budgeted for, which means I'll have extra for more livestock when the time comes.
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    I was going to suggest the CAD Lights skimmer, but I see you ordered one. I've been hearing really good things about those on Nano-Reef and would have been the skimmer I would have chosen if I hadn't been giving a Tunze 9002 for free.
  8. Tank is up, it's wet, and rocks are in place. I think I'm happy with my rockwork.

    Two things ticked me off getting it set up. Innovative Marine thought it would be good to put the instructions for the stand in the tank box, not the stand box. They're sold separately. I didn't open the tank box until the stand was built. I used instructions online. Both sets of instructions (identical) sucked. The quality of the stand isn't great either. Lots if rub marks along the seams. I was expecting more for a $300 stand.
    Which brings me to the Cadlights skimmer, also no instructions. Thank goodness for YouTube.

    The Jebao pump is crazy quiet, as are the tank and skimmer. Husband is thrilled.

    Okay, time for pics. Please ignore the ugly washer pan underneath the stand. I wasn't able to find apartment insurance that would say in writing that they cover aquarium damage, so this was the only way I could convince my husband.

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    I just purchased innovative-marine mini 38 gal. from Neptune and the tunze 9002 skimmer fits fine(the magnet does have to be removed, but Neptune did it for me. I don't know where you live but if you want I can show you my setup. I'm in Oakland near hwy 13and 24. My 38 gal has the skimmer, autotop off,and a Kessil 360W
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    Cadlights are just Chinese products relabeled in the US so instructions are either not good or totally missing. I got my $500 cadlights stand and it had major issues as well :/ sucks!

    Tank looks good though!
  11. It's strange, but the 40 has a narrower sump than the 38. The 38 is 4.3in, while the 40 is 3.74in. It's okay though, I love the Cadlight skimmer. Just wish it was black so it didn't stand out so much.

    Products seem good though. I just wish they'd hire someone to write instructions.

    I'm hoping the anemone I'll be getting won't choose the middle of the tank. I'd like to put a clam there.
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    I'm glad you like the skimmer. I was hesitant to recommend it at first because it was my first time using one. But after it using it for a few months I knew it worked well for the size. Since the skimmer is small and designed little differently compared to other skimmers, it's sorta finicky, my experience anyways. So any change in water height in that chamber can cause it to over flow. There are holes at the cap where water can mist out and can sorta spray.

    What setting are you using on the jebao? I got one too recently...

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  13. FeliciaLynn

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    I'm ready for some new pics with those bangaiis! :)
  14. I've got it set at W3 S3. I had the wave turned up, but my new bangaiis were getting pulled towards it, so I turned it down.

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  15. I purchased 2 Bangaii Cardinals from Reef Raft yesterday. They seem to be happy. They ate some Tigger pods last night, and some Hikari Marine S pellets today. I also picked up the smallest Narrarius snail I've ever seen.


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  16. Unfortunately, both Bangaiis died a couple of days after purchase. I did have somewhat high nitrates. Neptune is closer, so I picked up 2 more there. I don't know if two is too much for this tank, but one died a few days ago. I've always had the worst luck with Bangaiis, who all my research say are so easy to take care of. The remaining is as happy as can be. He's out all the time and eats well. He's nice and fat too. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Quite a few corals were left at the New Hobbiest Workshop, so I picked up a hammer, GSP, and xenia w/ orange sponge. The hammer was happy day 1 and is doing well. The GSP has just started to come out in the past few days. The xenia apparently hates me, so it might take a little bit. I like the sponge.

    Earlier this week I ordered the 150gpd water saver upgrade kit from Bulk Reef Supply ( It arrived yesterday. I'm really happy with the super fast shipping. It came in 2 days with Priority Mail.

    I was upset with how much water I was wasting, both with how much time a few gallons took to make, and with how much just went down the drain. I'm in an apartment, so there isn't anything to water. I had an upright washer that I had it hooked to at the house, but now we use the apartment's laundry room. It's literally just going down the drain. I feel horrible about it, especially with the drought.

    I just hooked it up. The how-to video on BRS's website made it really easy. I'm very happy with it. It's filled a 5g bucket 1/3 of the way in 20 minutes! The membrane said to throw out the first hour's worth, so I'm working on that now. I'm actually looking forward to mixing some saltwater up tomorrow!
  17. tygunn

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    How is the water pressure in your apartment (if you don't have a pressure gauge I've got a spare one I could give you if you wanted one)? How about TDS pre/post filtration? I think you mentioned you were somewhat close to where I live on Markham, so I'm curious to see what others are getting with their water.

    I really should add the 150GPD water saver kit to my BRS system. The booster pump definitely helped reduce waste, but I'm sure the dual membrane setup would help even more.

    I agree, I feel horrible "wasting" the water in a drought.

    Haha, I will NEVER try to save my waste water again, unless its in a container outside. With my old setup I had put the waste line in the washer and forgot about it -- I came downstairs the next day to an overflowed washing machine and a whole lot of water on the floor.
  18. No idea. I'd love to borrow one to see sometime. I wonder how much pressure the RO/DI unit could handle.

    Oh yeah. Don't bring that up to my husband. I flooded the basement 3 times....that he knows of.
  19. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    If you go to the next meeting I'll bring a spare along.

    Brs said to leave it at 90psi. I believe most are rated over 100psi. Should be okay.

    Heh yeah sounds like my story with my wife. That's why in the apartment she gently hinted at putting the tank in the tiled area.

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