Mouse's IM Nuvo Fusion 40g

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  1. Green/purple acans

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    Very nice Clowns! Love the markings.
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  3. I think I might have just found the cause of my missing carpenter's wrasse and second black ice clownfish. My bangaii cardinal is bullying my new carpenter's wrasse. I'm working on capturing him and putting him in a container for a bit.
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    Great looking tank. Thinking about upgrading to this tank from my BC29. Will a Tunze 9004 with a measurement of (L 4.3 x W 3.5 x H 12 in.) fit in the back chambers?
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    Really glad the nem is doing well! Things look great!
  6. More frustration:
    My bangaii got let out of time out. He was in there for almost a week while the wrasse got adjusted to the tank. First few days, no problem. Then he was hiding a bit more, but I wasn't seeing any aggression. Yesterday I found him dead on the bottom of the tank, with a chunk taken out of his belly. I'm not sure if that was postmortem or not, but regardless he's dead and I'm suspecting the bangaii. He might show up in the classifieds in the next few days.

    The anemone decided to go for a walk. It climbed on the glass, went up the rock work, hugged my frogspawn for awhile (frogspawn is fine), then kept climbing. It disappeared for a day. Yesterday I tore the rock apart looking for it. Low and behold, it was in the sump. I'm not sure how it got in there. I think it's too big to go through the slots to the sump, so did it climb out of the water and over into the sump? That seems unlikely. I detached it from the glass, put it back on it's rock, and gave it some of the homemade fish food. It's stayed put so far.

    When I was working on cleaning the glass, I noticed the WP-10 wasn't running. I checked the connectors. Everything is hooked up. I twisted the connector that goes to the control. It lit up briefly than turned off again. I can't get it to come back on. I'm ticked off this thing only lasted 4 months. I'm done. I'm pulling the trigger on a Vortech MP-10. I've had an issue with heat in the tank, so I'm hoping the MP-10 will help with that as well. The pump not running could be why the anemone decided to go for a walk.

    Everything else seems happy. I lowered my light a bit. It's now 12 inches over the water. The Acans are nice and poofy. My Euphyllia corals are all extended, except my torch, which has always been a bit temperamental.

    I'm hoping to get some dosing pumps and an auto top off in the next couple of weeks (waiting to hear back from some PMs). I'll be going in for my c-section on Sept 2nd, so I want to make sure everything is up, running, and dependable before I'm laid up in the hospital for 3-4 days.
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    Fish sure cab develop odd personalities. I had the opposite problem in the past where a clown (most opposite name in my mind) mercilessly picked at 2 bangai cardinals until they both died.

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    Hmm regarding the heat how warm is your tank running? The heater in my 37g has to run to keep my tank around 80f. I've got two wp10s, tunze 9002 skimmer, a maxijet return pump, and led lights.

    Maybe your heater is sticking on?

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  9. Yeah, he just killed my new clownfish, so he's going to appear on the classifieds in a minute. I'm not positive it's him or my blood red fire shrimp, so he'll be going on there too. I've never seen aggression with the shrimp and I have with the cardinal, but the fish always die at night, so it could be either of them.
  10. Do you have air conditioning? We don't. I removed the heater. The tank hasn't dropped below 79.5 since.
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    We have air conditioning but because our apartment is in the middle of the complex it hardly needs to be run. It stays below 77 in here most days. The tank hovers around 79 to 80.

    How much do you evaporate per day? That can help drop the temp a fair bit.

    Without much evaporation Id expect the tank to hover around ambient.

    The powerheads and LEDs aren't going to heat the tank much. The wp10 uses at most 10w so at worse will add that much heat..

    I never worry unless the temps go above 84 or so.

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  12. Whoops, I missed a few updates.

    July 26th, 2014
    Diablo Corals Auction

    UFO Acans


    Tovern Sam Rhodactis


    Encrusting Acan

    August 9th, 2014
    BAR Regional Frag Swap

    Green Toadstool


    Peach Frogspawn

    Green Favia

    Clove Polyps
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  13. August 13th, 2014
    Neptune Aquatics:
    Got rid of my bangaii cardinal
    Purchased this beauty (Blue Bubble Mushroom)

    My order from Bulk Reef Supply came:
  14. FTS:

    The BTA doesn't want to stay in place, so I give up. It hasn't stung anything, so I'm going to let it do what it wants. "Anemone island" is now "euphyllia island."
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    Nice upgrades! Someone dropped some coin ;)
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    Great thread. Building, adding and upgrading is so much fun
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