MRK 100g Display (Born 9-1-09)

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  1. Finally!! some updates!!

    So I was able to work on the tank Sunday, and got 2 major things accomplished, see pics and info below:

    I was able to get paint from Craig, and get my stand painted. Adolfo was kind enough to come by to help me get the tank off the stand, and point to spots I missed while painting, as well as snap a few photos...

    Where else but to paint at the railroad crossing, all the cool cats are doing it these days!!
    Needed lots of air, this paint will knock u out in a enclosed space!!

    Oopss!! forgot the removable pole!!

    All dry and back together, got the hood hinge worked out as the paint was drying too!!

  2. Ok so the Sump is also in the works as u can see from the previous post, although I have not "stuck the partitions down just yet....

    So I was able to do the other thing I was really waiting to do for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time!! a "lit" background
    Even though the lit back is brighter in pics below, its becasue of my photog skillz. It looks more like the pic above, but its a little smoother transition than that with the eye. Well see how it looks with main lights on soon!!

    Basically a "blue translucent" sheet of acrilic, with a light behind it, well more like a lightbox..
    3" lightbox with back reflective cover removed

    See the light at the top

    Ok this is how im sitting now. All piped and ready for Aqua!!! "again hood closed"
    (NOTE: the doorskin plywood along the top hood is just temporary place holder)

    Hood "OPEN" this time showing the "SURGE" yes Surge system I have built for this tank.
    Its a "4.8 Gallons" Surge system, biased off of the Carlson surge, but with no elevation.
    More details on this "Low Elevation Surge" at a later time!!
  3. and the last set of pics for today, additional hood shots, of split hood construction









  4. Water planned this weekend!
    which also means aquascaping!!
  5. Damn, I can't wait for the end result :O I'm definitely gonna subscribe to this thread.
  6. Wow Progress today!!
    All thats left is to do is skin the hood, and then touch up some paint for sealing, and add water!!

    Doors are drying, so there not on in the pics below.
    but the bottom is skinned and done

    Close up of the transition from the stand to the tank, its right to the edge of the black glass

    Door hinge mounting plates, (these may not be used). Hole in the top left is for venting air (fan goes there)

    The edge came out a little nicer than I hoped, the bamboo did not "bur" nearly at all, only when I cut to fast :)

    another seam detail
  7. lookin good wil
  8. Wow, I'd love bamboo on my stand to match the floors ;)
  9. reefdan

    reefdan Guest

    nice craftmanship will!
  10. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Seems Bamboo might be a new skinning material for stands, I've been thinking about too. I'm holding on it since I've never cut or even played with bamboo flooring; was it hard to cut compared to hardwood floor?
    I like the tank you have I've seen those for sale at 6th Ave, they have one or two on the street and I think the Odyssea guys in San Bruno are the wholesalers of those tanks.
    Your surge tank looks nice and stealthy, is it a Truvu HOB mighty max?
    Guess I'm asking too many questions; will keep an eye on your tank thread.
  11. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    Looks really nice. I'm not sure I'd trust an odyssea tank in my house but to each their own.
  12. kurplunk

    kurplunk Guest

    Nice stuff Will. When is the water going in?
  13. Roc

    Roc Guest

    wonders if this fish tank will ever see water let along actual fish :)
  14. lol with Roc

    Im not putting water in it till the wife decides where its going, its move walls 2 times.
    Im more than ready to do it.
    Plus allot of stuff going on at the moment; business lic, permits, paperwork, and no time to do
    I have all my live rock in another holding tank, coral in another, and fish in 2 others.

    I want water in it more than anything, so i took this weekend off from work, but its gonna have to wait till after the BAR swap.
    Ill post some update photos also.
  15. sorry, i had no notification anyone had replied..

    Yeah I had debated it for a bit. I knew it would work phisically, just did not know how well it would cut on the edges.

    Well I learned something "AFTER" i was almost done though..
    Put blue tape over each piece before cutting, and you get VERY CLEAN CUTS. The rounded trim was the most difficult, (where i was getting burring) but once i got the blue tape, it was smoother sailing.
    I have a nice miter saw, with a fairly new blade, so i think that helped allot.
    theres no way you could cut it manually by hand it would shred the bamboo.

    I would have done the zebra bamboo flooring but it was too expensive for the "Test" run.
    So i went with what was "in stock" and was about 55 bucks per box. took 3 boxed exactly.
    I would have had 5 boards left, if i had not Fuged a couple of edges on a few planks (cut them to fit in upsidedown :p ).

    Yeah, there bringing them in, but they are not the actual manufacturer. there made in china, and actually have a very nice build quality.
    But there all over Vietnam and Asia, there nicely made, and affordable.

    Its also a Knock off brand, but im using it because it was almost identical to the dimensions I was looking for, and it was given to me by Adolfo425.
    its been re appropriated to just a water holder, for the surge pipe that is now in its belly.

    lol if you have met me before, you would laugh at that last statement..
    hopefully Ill have a update tonight too!

    Ahh one other note, my Paw bought me a Nice Ridgid miter saw, which he thought was "Sliding" type, but its the same type i have.
    let me know if your looking for one, cause now i have 2 miter saws :p
  16. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    I have finished the stand, the building part but will give a second thought to the bamboo, think I might need 3 boxes and it's out of my budget for the time being.
    I learned about the tape to cut clean a while back, but a nice blade with lots of teeth (not like a shark) and thin kerf makes a huge difference.
    My brother bought a $700 sliding saw at a sidewalk sale, brand new for $200, the other miter is used only for chopping 2x4's now.
    Nice looking stand !
  17. [​IMG]

    Wall painting and final placement:
    2am and Notice the dog is more than ready to call it a, shes like "doood!!... lets goooooooooo!!!!!!"

    As of posting this.... no pics of it... but the Tank has water in it, and surge is smooth, and quiet.
    I had incorporated a few quieting adjustments, and they are really working out better than I had hoped.
  18. Next up, for Sunday August 30th, aquascaping the tank, and pipe the single pipe to the frag tank, and add more water for the frag tank and done.

    (yes one pipe to the frag tank, Youll have to wait to see that
  19. Elite

    Elite Guest

    The stand and canopy look great Wil..
  20. TY Phong.

    As of this second... frag tank is piped, and running.
    System is still running zero leaks too !! not even a creeping drip anywhere.
    maby its due to my LIBERAL USE OF THE CLEAR PVC GLUE...LOL

    ALSO, Im gonna need some pictures of some coral taken are u up to it?

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