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    So I have a rock that's covered in red mushrooms and would like to break them up and place them in DBTC. I'm stoked because I started with one mushroom and probably have like 25 or more now.

    They are all on a decent sized rock. Chisel and hammer the best way? Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. well I would try a scalpel and cut under the foot of the shroom, you may be able to scrape them off that way, and it you so happen to cut part of the foot, it will grow back and the piece left on the rock will turn into a new mushroom.

    an amazing thing with shrooms, you can cut them up like pizza, as long as you have a piece of the mouth connected to the cuttings they will reform into full shrroms in about 1-2 weeks, but shrooms tend to split pretty quickly aswell.

    if you want fast reproduction once you get them off the rock cut afew like a pizza, grab a scalpel or sharp eyebrow scissors and cut them down the middle of the mouth.
    let them sit in a seperate container with sand and little flow, in about 1 week they will be whole again and ready for mounting to plugs or rubble.
    then even more shrooms to go around for dbtc:)

    just my experience with all my shrooms in my tanks over the years, hope it helps.

    robert - eastbayreefer2010
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    Ok so I got some plugs and scalpels and am ready to slice and dice! So one clean cut across the bottom and then use coral affix to glue them to the plug? Or should I rubberband them down which may cause them to split as well, which will allow me to give away more.

    Anybody willing to help?

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    Personally I'd use a nice small sharp pair of scissors (~$5 in Long's) to cut them off, and then scalpel or scissors to cut in half/thirds. Glue doesn't usually work well w/ shrooms. You'll see when you cut them, but they slime up like crazy. You can try rubber banding, but I have better luck with a mesh/wedding veil type material holding the mushrooms down against a rock. Or toss them into a container w/ rubble and some holes for water movement.
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    I sliced em up with a razor blade and got an icecream lid with rubble rock and placed them on top of there. Got some bridal veil and covered it up and put it in a low flow area in my tank. They were sticking to the rock in about a week.

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