My first Reef 65g

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by bioreefdude, May 18, 2009.

  1. bioreefdude

    bioreefdude Guest

    so this is my reef still in the process im going as slow as possible but not by choice
    65g AGA with tempered bottom 36x18x24
    150w MH 14,000k ( i was thinking about adding T5s til i can afford better fixture)
    100w heater
    10g sump/refugium ( til i can find a way to fit 20L or30g)
    150g skimmer
    2 hydro 1
    1 maijet 900 (soon to be sure flow mod 1600gph)
    and moonlights
    60 lbs live rock mixed
    60lbs live sand

    1 pixie hawkfish
    1 sally lite foot crab
    1 emrald crab
    1 cowry snail
    20 varity snails
    6 diffrent zoas
    1 colony of fuzzy mushrooms
    2 colony GSP

    side view

    now other pictures

    i'll be changing a whole lot of stuff in the future :)
  2. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Welcome aboard it's going to be lots of fun...

    BTW Is your tank drilled or you have an external overflow box?
    I just did not see it.
    I like those zoas, last picture, nice colors
  3. bioreefdude

    bioreefdude Guest

    no i plumbed it myself lol you can see it better in this picture
    its a lil older

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