My GF's New Tank Setup

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by mckevinfang, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Just picked up my girlfriends New Tank. 12 gallon nanocube. Picked it up from Craigs List. It's the original version not the DLX

    What it came with

    - 12 gallon nanocube
    - Red/Black Stand
    - Modified 70 watt MH 20K w/50/50 24watt PC's
    - Upgraded fans for better cooling
    - Submersible Heater
    - No Return Pump

    What i plan to do

    - Put a Rio900 for the return or a MJ1000
    - Repaint the Stand Semi-Gloss Black
    - add in a Kor. Nano powerhead
    - scrape the paint off of chamber 2 and attach my mini PC fixture
    - make egg create like "Whisk" with some Cheato & LR for Chamber 2
    - replace heater with stealth heater
    - create foam wall w/Foam/Resin/Crushed Coral
    - Add moon light mod

    Tank Setup

    **Chamber 1**
    - Filter pad
    - Chemi Pure
    - Purigen

    **Chamber 2**
    - egg crate
    - Cheato
    - Live Rock
    - Mini PC

    **Chamber 3 **
    - Heater
    - Carbon
    - Rio900 or MJ1000 Return Pump

    - Replace return nozzle w/Hydor Deflector Nozzle
    - Add Kor. Nano PH
    - Foam/LR Wall

    I plan to set the mini PC light for chamber 2 on a timer to run at night when the DT lights are off. I want to get a chiller for this tank but not quite sure yet.


    1. how would i go about adding moonlight to this setup?


  2. mckevinfang

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  3. Lyn

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    Hey Kevin, you should paint that stand pink or blue for her. :D
  4. Elite

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    I think you will need a chiller for that tank.. I have an open hood and it gets hot with the 70W MH. Yours is totally close.. That's a lot of heat. I don't think fan alone would be able to keep it cool.
  5. nanocube-guy

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    looking forward on this. I have a twelve gallon NC too.

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