My radion powered biocube 29

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by William kegge, May 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, Thought I would share my biocube 29, I wanted to get back into the hobby with a smaller tank that I could eventually move all of the equipment to a 60 cube. Tank has been up for around 5 months now.


    Biocube 29 HQI and stand

    Radion xr15w pro LED light

    mp10w circulation pump

    Aquamaxx HOB-1 skimmer

    Reefkeeper light controller

    InTank media basket and fuge

    MJ1200 return pump

    FTS as of 5/27/15

    What was on my frag rack before I placed everything on the rockwork.

    Slightly outdated what the whole tank looks like.
  2. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Yessss! More zoa nerds in BAR. My plan is working perfectly! Muwahahaha

    How you liking those XR30s?

    Compared to kessil360?
  3. It's a xr15w pro, and so far I love it. I like the control I have over it, I have had kessils (50 series without the new spectra controller) and china box led before and nothing can come close to the control I have over the light, color and intensity. I do miss that kessil shimmer however, nothing seems to come close to that.

    And yeah, it's pretty heavily stocked with zoas, I have a few choice chalices and mushrooms on the sand bed, and I threw some cheap sps frags up on the very top of my rocks, the light is only running at 45% but I have seen some nice growth and great PE from them, so they must like it.

    Plans for the tank is to be a giant zoa garden.
  4. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    How do you like your skimmer? I have a 29 BC as well and currently no skimmer
  5. I love it, a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it.
  6. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    That blondie polyp is huge. Liking those electric oompa loompas too. Ive had them twice they dont survive in my tank.

    I might try oompa loompas again when i find some healthy polyps.
  7. Yeah it is huge, one of my slowest growers, had no growth from it for a good 3 months, but it's now sprouted about 4 babies. My EOL are growing like weeds.
  8. Corallus

    Corallus BAR Sponsorship Coordinator

    And about the fish... The only reason I don't have firefish in my 25g open top tank is I've read a few places that they're jumpers. How long have you had them? I really want some, but have been worried - not that I'm looking for an excuse to add a couple more fish to my tank;)
  9. I think it all depends on their tank mates and the area around the tank. My house is quite, my lights ramp up nice and slowly and everything in the tank is friendly. I actually had a flame hawk jump out on me. These guys have been in the tank from the start, 5 months or so, and had no problems.
  10. Tank is clearing up nicely with reactor!


    Blue eyed blonds and utter chaos rock:

    Found a total of 4 babies on my jawbreaker already $$$$

    Cloves and monti growing on to back wall nicely.

    New pick ups!

  11. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    That zoa above the meteorshower. Did you get that from aqua life.

    I grabbed that same one from aqua life. He kept calling them margarites. Pretty sure theyre just tyree space monsters.

    Not to say tyree spacemonsters are uncool. Theyre one of my favorites.

    Im actually really liking the shelf aqua scape you got going. Very functional for coral placement and looks great/
  12. Haha, yes I did get them from aqua life, Yeah im not super sure what they are either, but I got them for 15 bucks so i'm not really worried.
  13. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Got mine for 20$ theyre nice.

    Did you see the rainbow mauls in the display tank? Me gusta!
  14. Tank upgrade in the works!


    Elos 70 in perfect effin condition!
  15. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Dude you scored with that tank/stand combo. Looks good!

    So the question now is will you have 2 tanks or 1?
  16. Will be keeping the biocube in another room as a QT tank.

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