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  1. DIY'd 36"x24"x16"x3/4" Clear Cell Cast Acrylic
    DIY'd 30"x16"x18"x3/8" sump/fuge, Eheim 1262 return
    6x39W ATI Powermodule w/2@Blue+,2@Aquablue Specials,Aquasun,Super Actinics<<,gonna probably swap out for another Blue+
    2 EcoTech Vortec powerheads MP40W
    ATB Small Cone Skimmer
    Shuram Jetstream 1 Calcium Reactor
    Cole Palmer Peristaltic Pump w/ Easy Loader head for CaRx feed
    Current 1/3 HP Drop in Chiller for summer
    Tunze ATO
    ACJr. w/ temp,pH probe
    2 phosban reactors
    1 Koralia Nano for flow in fuge, need a K3

    Started reefing in early Dec of 2007, with a BC14 and Sunpod 150W, then in a month, I upgraded to a 30G Oceanic Cube w/ 10G sump.
    Then in January, just after 30G setup, I bought some 3/4" acrylic and started planning the 60G. Originally was going to go with 48x24x16, but worried that the cost of the biggger tank would push me past budget. Originally my livestock was mostly softies, with some LPS. My fish consisted of a pair of B/W clownfish, and a Mandarin. Yeah I know, dumb. Caring for that Mandarin was my goal, since after purchasing it, I found out how hard they were to keep in a nano. When I bought the Mandarin, I of course bought the tiggerpods that were recommended. I rarely saw the mandarin in the BC, so when it came time to upgrade, I figured I'd only have to catch the two clownfish. To my surprise, not only was the mandarin alive he was healthy....
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    I made a thread at where I called the Mandarin the "most expensive fish ever" I spent hundreds of dollars seeding my tank with copepods, buying 15,000 from a supplier from SoCal.

    Anyway fast forward to today and my 60G.
    The parameters are as follows...
    Ca 420 kept stable running my CaRx at 60 ml/min and 90 bpm running on a timer from 10am until 6pm
    Alk 8.0
    Mg 1350 run 10% Zeomag to 90% Large Schuran type media
    Ph inside the reactor is at 6.45 from 10am-6pm
    Ph 8.2 daytime 8.0 nightime
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates .25 with LaMotte kit
    Phosphates .008 D@D precision kit
    I dose vodka at 1.5 ml a day and every two weeks I dose one vial of Prodibio Bio Digest
    Feed 3-4x's a day

    pair B/W Clown fish
    true percula
    purple tang
    flame angel debating on whether to get rid of him
    flasher wrasse
    5 chromis
    Just added the flasher wrasse and 5 chromis to increase bio load since dosing vodka/prodibio

    Coral list
    pink yuma
    war paint australia scolymia
    various ricordea
    Octo frogspawn...non branching type
    dragon soul favia
    two types of Acan Lords
    ORA corals
    Red Planet tabling
    hawkins Enchinata
    green birdsnest
    pink birdsnest
    Plum Crazy
    Rose Mille
    Oregon Tort
    Cali Tort
    Bali Slimer
    Leng Sy Cap
    Idaho Grape Cap
    LE Sunset
    Mystic Wannabe
    ATL Appleberry
    reverse sunset digita
    blue w/green poly digita
    orange, but really red colored digita

    I'll try to get the whole list, but I get most of my coral off RC, or from Diver's Den. From the start I spent a lot of money at Lucky goldfish in Oakland, buying a lot of my earlier Yumas and scoly's there. But since I started bringing hunter fish and crabs, I can get most anything for free. I need to get a frag of that watermelon chalice.... :thumbu

    here are some pics
    Swore off Yumas when my prized piece melted one day after being in my tank for 4 months
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]

    Not completely swore off them, my only Yuma now
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    1/2 tank shots...too much sun this morning
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    New sump installed,
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    Check out the nog....the results of carbon dosing
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]

    CaRX, in side cabinet I built to house it, need to ziptie those wires
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
    The best test kit in the hobby...observation....looks like things are good
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
  2. LeviT

    LeviT Guest

    Glad to have you.
  3. newest FTS
    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
  4. Niiice! I like the rock formation tapering off to the right - gives a good sense of depth.

    From the sump shot, looks like you got a cocktail of supplements. Any one of those you can strongly recommend?

    Also, vodka? Second time I heard of that. I'd love to be one of you
  5. Elite

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    Looking good man...
  6. Yeah, I dose 1.5ml of vodka a day, and every two weeks, I do a 15 gallon wc, then turn off my skimmer for a couple of hours and dose one ampule of biodigest. The other stuff is iron for my fuge/once a week, and there's lugols that I always have around for dipping, and there is some amino acid, but I am not ready to dose that, probably in the next couple of weeks. The white container is rowaphos, that I used to toss into a phosban reactor. Actually, from what I have found, I really took it slow with the vodka, I didnt want to burn my acros., the vodka combined with the biodigest is working wonders on my tank. And I have quite the bioload, and feed the fish at least 4 times a day....formula 2 soaked in garlic juice and selcon, rods food, nori,Marine B pellets, all kinds of stuff.

    Thanks for the comments, I was just about to redo some of my rockwork, I just redid it the other day, see all the fresh epoxy :p never satisfied

    Thanks phong
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    Any updates?
  8. Yes! A couple of months ago I started up a BC14 so I could keep some LPS that seem to hate the 60G, so I have transferred it over the last few weeks, and only have a couple of Yumas, an AOG colony and RBTA, which my clowns host, so I dont think Im going to move those.

    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]

    Here's a shot recently of my 60G

    [img width=1000 height=523][/img]

    After using the Powermodule 10x39W for a couple of months, I came to the conclusion that I needed a bigger tank so I didn't bake my corals. So I ordered an A.G.E. 40"Lx28"Wx22"H, 1/2 starphire on three viewing sides, and 1" PVC bottom. It will have an external overflow made of Acrylic. I ordered the tank in mid January, but they have had huge builds going on, so my tank wont get done for another month I'm sure. Here are the CAD drawings from AGE

    [img width=772 height=1000][/img]

    I can't wait :D
  9. Lyn

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    How big is your Yuma? It really stands out. :D

    Your tanks look great!
  10. Thanks Lyn, the Yuma is around 3" in diameter, give or take a 1/4". I've had it a year +, that pink one, and a orange/white/blue baby, are the only Yumas that survived of around 6, that I purchased. They would look great for a month or more, then all of a sudden melt on me. >:(
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    Nice collection of corals.
  12. First month running, upgrade from 30G to 60G, the pbt was being housed in my tank, when my buddy's tank went belly up
    And here is a little preview of my new tank, waiting for Max to complete the stand....
    Picture of the overflow, which has the ability to raise and lower the display tank's waterline.
    Behind the teeth, there is a section of acrylic that slides and locks using thumbscrews

    Been cooking rock since mid January, waiting for them to build it....It was a long time to wait, but when I popped the lid off the crate, I was really satisfied by the build.
    FTS BC14
    New palys picked up at ATL
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    Beautiful tanks Craig! :) Looking forward to the new one being filled up too!
  14. Thanks Lyn, btw my waistline thanks you for the plate of cookies I ate on my way down to drop off the
  15. Lyn

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    Nah, those cookies had no butter, no sugar... carbs? What carbs? They were made out of.....styrofoam... yeah, styrofoam, the biodegradable kind. :D
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    Nice Set up Craig. Any update to the new tank?

    BTW, thanks for Jedi Mind Trick.. thats my new favorite coral.
  17. N/p, the new tank is sitting at the Aquarium Showroom, since they are building my stand. Hopefully the stand will be ready next weekend.
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    Those are some great before and after pictures Craig and those palys look amazing with all the colors.

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