Mystery Fish ID?

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by treylane, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    :lol: Bet my speed dial is faster then tomorrow night :lol:


    He should be at the Stienhart ;)
  2. Matt_Wandell

    Matt_Wandell Honorary Member

    I agree. :)

    I called the LFS and they gave me a verbal "it's yours"...I'm not counting any chickens yet however as I know how these things can go.

    Treylane, I will make it worth your while if you don't buy it. :)

  3. treylane

    treylane Supporting Member

    Well at this point, I doubt Tong's would sell it to me even if I did want to pick it up, so tis all yours... :~
  4. mpoletti

    mpoletti Guest

    Just one, My wife calls her copperband "sylvester". Its pretty darn funny when our three year old tells her, "no mommy, thats a copperband" :)
  5. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    Somebody snagged my fishie?? :cry:
  6. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Wasn't me :)

    If he deos get it, you can always visit it at CAS :)
  7. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    I was going to keep my yap shut because I don't like drama but..............

    I feel as though it's kinda bad form for a friend to find out about a fish before I commit, and then someone else comes in and snags it. I guess we'll have to be more protective of our sources and not ask the community for advice for fear of being backdoored.
  8. Matt_Wandell

    Matt_Wandell Honorary Member

    Just to be clear, I called the fish store the moment I saw those picture and before I was aware anybody wanted to purchase it. It's a fish I've been searching for for about the last 6 years. From the first page and a half of this thread there was no indication that anybody here was interested in purchasing it.

    My apologies if you felt "backdoored". Assuming you still want it you can have it. It should ship out Wednesday assuming the FS is still actually holding it for me, I could hold it for you until you want to come get it.
  9. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Seems you don't mind drama then if you went ahead and posted :lol:

    $$$$ speak volumes. Out bid him. Don't cry over milk that may be spilled in the future ;) Nothing is set in stone and even if it was, you have only one person to blame, well maybe two.... your friend who outed where the fish was and yourself for not committing sooner.
  10. Matt_Wandell

    Matt_Wandell Honorary Member

    Gresham, come on man there's no need to be rude or start drama. Looking back on our comments I can understand how it looks from his perspective. He doesn't need to outbid me I will give him the fish for cost if he still wants it. Anyway it is a cool fish and I'll be happy to see it go in anybody's hands as long as it's a good home.

    If you want to talk further my email is
  11. treylane

    treylane Supporting Member

    Look, I'm fine with it being all about the bucks - but it seems that the BAR community has been trying to go in a different direction, freely sharing information, giving frags of rare coral variants to each other at no charge, etc. I've had a hard time coming to terms with all that, but since that's the way-things-are, I've tried to play along. Anddddd... now I get this bit about "gee well if you wouldn't have shared, and then laid down more dollars, you wouldn't have been aced out of something fun and interesting by another member" ... ?

    Sorry, but I'm not really buying that as fair.
  12. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    My ONLY interest in this thread was to ID the damn thing. What ever goes down beyond that has NOTHING to do with me. I ID'd it, Mattt confirmed, mission accomplished. I did what you and your buddy couldn't do!!!!

    I still stand behind what I wrote. Dude sat on it and may have lost it, oh well, should have pulled the trigger sooner. Happens daily with The Divers Den. I've lost more corals online then I have ever bought.
  13. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Trying? It's been that way since the get go. The only new thing is the incredible DBTC. Some of us never take money for corals. I have given far more then I have ever bought. Never sold a coral to an end user in my life.
  14. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    Thank you Matt. I will take you up on the offer of contacting you through email. Very gentlmanly of you.

    As for "drama", (even though I'm a n00b to this forum) I think there are plenty of you out there that know me personally, and know that it's not nor ever has been my style. This was a simple understanding and that is that.
  15. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    da6d2003, I am fairly new to BAR. I have found that many people on the forum here sign their posts with their name. It really helps new folks like me get to know people in the hobby better. Would you consider signing your posts on BAR?

    I like that your last post says others will know you.
  16. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    David Armstrong from SDMAS (google told me so :p)
  17. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    Will do. :)
  18. iani

    iani Guest

    David, do you think you will be as well equip to care for the fish as the California Academy of Sciences?
  19. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    matt, you've got an email.
  20. da6d2003

    da6d2003 Guest

    I here by publicly relinquish all rights and/or claims to the above said fishie.


    said fishie is destined for the display and not dissecting tray. ;)

    Thank you Matt for the prompt response.

    David :)

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