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Discussion in 'Resources' started by RavenSF, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Enderturtle

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    Yah it doesnt grow in my main tank. I have no hair algae or any algae in my main tank. The 15 hermit crabs, blue, scarlet, zebra keep it clean.
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    Are you still grappling with this? If so, I can share what I have been doing to resolve my algae problem, which looked just like yours.

    This is solvable.

  3. Chromis

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    I agree, it looks like you have basically and in-tank algae scrubber. It must be there for a reason. If you can't take out the phosphates you could get some macro algae for both your display and refugium and run the refugium lamps overnight. The macroalgae will also create shade to reduce algae. You could also re-aquascape to have the bare rocks more in the shade of the corals. On the bright side it looks like the byropsis-algae-scrubber is keeping those corals real healthy - the corals look great!

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  4. F6553066

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    As I just posted BSAjim our algae problems my be over. Many of us that have used a product called Vibrant have eliminated just about all the common algae issues including bubble algae. Check the product out on reef2reef. Tons of information. Since I know that almost everyone will have this problem and sometimes to the point of getting out of the hobby i believe it is incumbent to at least inform our members that there is a cost effective solution. I'll be more than happy to discuss this with any of our members. 510-655-3066

    Dick Flanagan
  5. Vhuang168

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    As I understand it, the product is relatively new.

    Has anyone stopped using it after the algae problems went away?

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  6. F6553066

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    After the problem is solved the mfg. recommends dosing every 2 weeks as a general maintenance. No reason algae should return unless the basics aren't followed i.e. too munch feeding, etc. I'm now watching the tank to see how long my issues will remain under control. Since Vibrant is bacteria based no one has reported any harm to fish, corals, or invertebrates. From my readings the main problem is that people don't start with 2 doses a week until the algae dies,and then 1 dose per week to make sure spores are killed. Then go to maintenance dose. The mfg. thread on reef2reef goes into how long his fish maintenance company has been using it, how it works,i.e. it kills the easiest alage first and then moves on the next one, if there are more than one. I has a brown/ green type that nothing would eat and hundreds of bubble algae. All is gone.
    If your interested post and I'll give updates, or call me anytime. 510-655-3066

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