Neptune Aquatics is no longer a sponsor

Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by Vhuang168, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Oops. They approached me and I signed 'em up. Sorry about that.
  2. RandyC

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    ¡Your punishment is to be 2019 El Presidente!
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  3. iani

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    Yep we used to have votes on if we would allow sponsors in during the BOD meetings. I as well was on the BOD after Arnold in the position of sponsorship coordinator/director for a few years.
  4. I don't speak French.
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  5. tankguy

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    Well that was a lot of reading. From my own stand point the club needs new blood , new ideas and sometimes new relationships. I am for the most part burned out but decided to stay and help Mike & Will with planning and such. My work hours are insane ( now at work around 2-2:30 am and am now just leaving ) . Sometimes off a little early depending how the day goes. Now much left time to spend with family and my tanks. I do what I can to help.
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    You better get home soon to feed the leopard wrasses before they go bed :)

    Alright Bruce, you're on! "The new blood, new ideas, and ...."
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  7. fishy408

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    I've been here for a month and so far I'm liking it. Why? Like someone mentioned it's a two way street. I gain valuable knowledge from Bay Area reefers and in return I support the Sponsors when I can.

    Unfortunately Neptune Aquatics doesn't see the value of being a sponsor. I'm not sure what the expectations of $250, but I'm pretty sure BAR brings more than $250 to Neptune Aquatics over a year.

    For myself, I've been to Neptune Aquatics 3 times in the past month since they are only 10 minutes away. Moving forward, I will take my business to Clear Water on Saratoga, since I have business meetings there on a weekly basis. I feel that supporting the sponsors is in a way supporting BAR.

    I forgot to add, I didn't know we get 10% off from Sponsor! Do we just mention it at the cash register?

    Just my 2 cents :)
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  8. scuba71

    scuba71 Supporting Member

    Personally speaking I think it’s important to maintain a relationship with an LFS. An LFS does not necessarily need the club, but the club needs the LFS.

    It is very disappointing to hear that Neptune dropped the sponsorship. I need to go and find out why personally.

    10 or so years ago when I used to go to Neptune, Robert used to promote BAR a great deal. As a matter of a fact, I learned about BAR from Neptune. I remember Robert asking if I was a member... at that time i said I was not, he said sign up and I’ll give you 10% off.

    Even if times change, wouldn’t this type of promotion help BAR increase its membership? 2 way street.

    Moreover, I have been relatively quiet on the board and have not really voiced my opion much. But one thing I must say, there is a lack of promoting LFS’s that exercise good husbandry. Additionally, the club used to shame LFS’s that do not exercise good husbandry. Why did this stop? What about good practices such good husbandry, propagation, etc...

    Lastly, I don’t think it’s about the banners or the LFS not updating their page.... In my humble option, Neptune has done a great deal for this club over the years, it would be a crime shame not to have them continue to support the club.

    I think the bod should set up a meeting with Neptune and Aquatic collection and amend the situation.

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  9. euod

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    Well said!
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  10. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    I’d frequent the same stores regardless of their sponsorship, as a good store is a good store. I think the club benefits from key sponsors like Neptune and AC driving membership, and frankly, I think BAR needs them more than they need BAR. New stores need the advertising, but established stores give members the most value by simply keeping their doors open. If they’re willing to talk and make suggestions, perhaps we should listen.


    They promote the club with a banner/word of mouth and donate $xxx worth of goods for a raffle with quality top prize. Volunteers on that day receive “10 tickets”. In exchange, they get advertising rights on the site and a hosted event. Neptune/AC were very generous in the past - frags upon frags, GCs which could be used on equipment, etc. Maybe most pledged donations for the year plus most signups lands them on top of a ranked sponsor list displayed prominently on the site.

    Hosted event... Short and simple event/demo/mini swap in the parking lot. Everyone that attends from start to finish gets 15% off livestock. This gives stores the chance to stock up for a known number of hungry buyers. Reefers have herd mentality... If you’re opening your wallet, I’ll probably open mine...damn it. ;)

    Some remaining questions...
    What could be done to lighten the BOD’s load?
    How can the club add value for a sponsor? I hope @robert4025 would chime in and that we give him a platform as he’s been at this for a long time.
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  11. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    I don't see much point in over-analyzing past. Let's focus on what we can do next, and who will chime in for what. BAR has challenges, from website to relationship management, but this is neither unique nor permanent. Having fewer folks do not mean we have to do a poor job, it only means we can do less, which means we have to sort out our priorities and be transparent while doing so.

    I am thankful for the existing BOD, for keeping the lights on. Let's discuss what are the critical things we as a club think are of most important. I have a set of things I would like to see, which are mostly around the website etc, and I'll be putting skin in the game, and fixing as many of them as I can. It won't be quick, but I'll be consistent and it will be done.

    Similarly, I think we vendor relationship management is important, but I don't know how much, in context of all other things that happened. I think having a written out expectations would be good. That way others who want to help will get an understanding how much effort one has to put up.

    I would encourage to avoid blaming each other, lots of other smaller hobby forums are having challenges (due to social media and other few giant forums), it's not just us, we being in bay area experience even more hectic life than other. Let's focus on what we would like to see getting improved, and then let's build consensus (keeping in mind our constraints, and keeping the club before our personal opinions), and then let's have followup discussion in next BOD meeting, and share with the rest of the club the outcome.
  12. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Don't sweat it, I saw the BOD has sole authority to do it, but doesn't mean that they necessarily have to be the ones to do make these decisions. As Ian mentioned they can just as easy put it up to a vote. Basically though the BOD has the power to do essentially anything they want within the club except rewrite the bylaws (requires 2/3rd public vote) or prevent elections from happening, and much like politics if you don't like what they're doing vote them out. However the biggest issue to date is that I don't think any more than 1 person ever volunteered to "run" for a position, not to say anyone has done a bad job but members are often complacent with how things are run... until they're not, but no one in the history of BAR has run for a position because they were dissatisfied with how things were going, pretty much every new person volunteered when the old person adamantly said they weren't going to be Position X.
  13. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    You make many good points. I have talked to Karson at length about the situation with Aquatic collection, and he hasn’t admitted thinking about reconsidering their position. I’m sure it could be done to “win them back” if we go about it the right way.
    As for the events at the stores, they’ve never really been into when I’ve asked. We have done the annual lfs sponsor tour the last several years at least.
    I feel like anyone who has a relationship with any of the sponsors should always feel like they are able to talk to them about the club, and not just leave it up to the BOD. If the sponsors consistently hear from customers about the club and how grateful we are for them I think it would go a long way. Even now telling Neptune you’re a BAR member even though they aren’t offering a discount and thanking them for their past sponsorship is a good thing to do.
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  14. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    That’s not a standard thing that all sponsors offer. Some have in the past. Neptune always did.
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  15. Diablo, Clearwater and All About Krill offer it. Neptune did a few weeks ago when I was there, but obviously that has changed. Frankly though a 10% discount on livestock isn't much and I can't imagine a store not giving it to everyone that buys more than one item in a visit or an expensive item just by bartering. I don't think I've ever paid a listed price on anything in an LFS. I always make an offer.
  16. Also -- just to put it out there we have some similar issues with non-LFS vendors as well.
  17. Kim Pattison

    Kim Pattison Sponsor

    I consider myself a BAR sponsor. While Kimmies Clownfish Factory does not truly have a store setup that members can buy from we do currently supply clowns to Clear Water and Diablo. We donate raffle prizes to the club to help build the club and to help raise money. BAR is an asset to the reefing community in that it promotes sharing of ideas mainly and aqua-cultured products which puts less stress on the wild populations. Some products are not aqua-culturable and that is one of the many things our LFS are for. LFS are a source of hands on knowledge often. They are also the main point of contact for new reefers and experience reefers whom have never heard of BAR. When I am in a LFS I am a chatty Cathy and always talk to other customers. One of my first questions is are you a member of the local reef club?. If the answer is no I just ask which area they are from and direct them to the local forums.

    The local LFS sponsors also are responsible for some of driving people to there brick and mortar. A weekly post with the sale of the week. Most of them do this to there facebook page. Pretty easy to copy and paste to BAR forums. If they want to track traffic put in a key word the customer can say and get a special discount or sample product.
  18. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    I'd venture to guess that new reefers which join a club are more likely to succeed/stick around than those that fly solo. More people in the hobby helps everyone, esp. stores.
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  19. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    This IS a fantastic discussion. I have always been proud to be a part of this club. I always tell those trying to get into the hobby to immediately (preferably before starting a tank) join. I appreciate that this discussion has stayed civil. It is very easy to start pointing fingers and placing blame. I for one, have a crazy schedule and have never been able to be on the BOD, so I don’t point fingers. LOL!

    I am also a very big supporter of both Neptune and Aquatic collection. I feel these are both great places to send people for coral and fish. I am a little disappointed to hear that these stores don’t feel like they are supported by BAR, because I KNOW that most of us have spent a lot of money at both. It’s unfortunate that they are not recognizing that. HOWEVER.......... I am kinda glad that it has sparked a much needed discussion on here, so that we can mend these issues in the future. I will always shop at these places, because if I am gonna drive all the way down to San Jose, I can count on a pretty good selection at both of these shops. (Diablo is the bomb as well, but not convenient for me). I will make it a point to mention BAR from now on. I bought my tank from Robert anyway, so I know he is aware I am on here, but I never mention the club when I am down there and it is probably worth the reminder of how I learned about them in the first place.

    I look forward to further discussions in the future, and I will try to do better about making more time for the club. It is not fair to expect the BOD to do everything. Keep the hive mind flowing. PEACE OUT!! ✌️

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  20. Well shit. You're right. And more reefers sticking around means higher demand for corals in the area. Higher demand means higher prices. Screw the newbies! I'm not recruiting anyone else -- I can barely afford this hobby as it is.
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