New A.G.E. 40"x28"x22" rimless starphire tank

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by fishez4alivin, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Sucks when that happens (trust me I know)... sometimes its for the better, gives you new life, less is more and all that jazz :D
  2. mavjoy

    mavjoy Guest

    Great pics Craig! I pick # 5 for the strawberry...hehe...jk. Those lights are PAR monsters :)
  3. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Welcome back!
    How was the crabbing this year?
    How is the new power plant?
  4. iani

    iani Guest

    Looking good Craig. Glad things are turning around.
  5. Thanks guys, it was a struggle to get motivated to do it right and start off fresh.

    as for crabbing, let me show you
    I've never seen crabbing so good, for the first two weeks, you could literally go back to a string in 4 hours and find them full again. I had strings of pots that came up full, to where you couldn't get another crab in there, with crab holding on to the outside, trying to get in. The first two weeks I averaged 62 lbs per pot delivered!

    The new engines have exceeded expectations. I get my best fuel economy running at 18-19 knots...the best was running in with a deckload of crab doing 24 knots.
  6. Erick

    Erick Guest

    So what you're saying is BAR crab fest? :)
  7. Only if I don't have to cook or clean
  8. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Those are great shots!
    Congrats on the new power and the good crabbin' ;)

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