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Discussion in 'Propagation' started by Mr. Ugly, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Steve Trieu is all I know.

    I know some Chinese from Vietnam and they use the Americanized Vietnamese way to spell their last name.

    He and the family speak pretty standard Chinese. Haven't heard him speak Vietnamese yet, so no clue :D

    Oh ok.. I thought his first name is Trieu.. Vietnamese who last name is Trieu is usually Chinese/Vietnamese.

    [quote author=Mr. Ugly link=topic=4280.msg52609#msg52609 date=1218850494]
    Btw, Truong=Chung, right?

    That was the first name I heard explained re vietnamese/chinese.

    Truong is another Chinese/Vietnamese last name. Not sure about Truong=Chung though.
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    my best friend is chinese, raised in vietnam, but his last name is Ly.
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    Steve isn't Vietnamese IIRC. Having had dinner with him and other Chinese I seem to recall them all being Chinese :D
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    Are they open to public later or naw? How can we see the inventory?

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