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    Hi Guys,

    We just got tons of awesome fish. All are cherry picked! Here's what we got:

    Blue Neon Velvet Damsel
    Yasha Hase Goby
    Flame Angels (Extra small and small!)
    Potters Angel (hand picked for the brightest colors!)
    Blue Fin Damsel
    Gold Bar Maroon Clownfish (Gold bar with black fins)
    Pygmy Atlantic
    Swiss Guard (only two available)
    Randall's Goby
    Blue Spot Jawfish
    Yellow Tangs (small & Medium sizes)
    Talbot Damsel
    Six Line Wrasses
    Pair True Perculas
    Gold head Shifter Goby
    Purple Queen Anthias
    Hutchi Green Anthias (Red Cheek)
    Bartlett's Anthias
    Achilles Tang (only two medium available)
    Kole Tang (very red)
    Emerald Crab
    Hawaiian Wrasse
    Lemon Peel Angels
    Orange Peel Angels
    Fire Shrimps
    Solomon Flasher Wrasse
    Blue Eye Cardinalfish
    Yellow Gorgonians
    Gold and Orange Hammers (Euphyllia Ancora) - 12X!
    Green Stylophora
    Nuclear Green Frogspawn (Euphyllia Divisa)
    Nuclear Green Frogspawn (Euphyllia Cristata)
    Rainbow Goniopora
    Elegance Coral (Indo)

    See everyone soon!

    Cerissa & Robert

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