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    What a wonderful time to visit the shop this week! Check out what's coming tomorrow:

    - Deepwater Acropora
    - Aussie Acroporas
    - Aussie Blue Psammacora
    - Aussie Acanthastrea Echinata Ultra
    - Aussie Micromussa Amakusensis Ultra
    - Aussie Elegance Coral (Orange Tip)
    - Aussie Branching Metalic Duncan
    - Aussie Echinophyllia Ultra
    - Aussie Ultra Favia
    - Aussie Ultra Prism Favia
    - Aussie Ultra Favites
    - Aussie Ultra Lobo
    - Aussie Ultra Symphyllia
    - Aussie Ultra Bleeding Apple Scoly
    - Aussie Green Polyps Leathers

    - Lennardi Wrasse (Anampses lennardi)
    - Red Head Wrasse (Halichoeres rubricephalus)

    Yep...ALL ULTRA GRADE STUFF! Stop by asap before all the goodies are gone!

    Pictures will surely be followed tomorrow.....

    BTW...did I mentioned we just got in a boat load of new SPS and LPS on Monday? The shop is freakin' packed to the brim with over 250 colonies of SPS priced between $50-$80! And...they are fully colored and acclimated. I will post the details of Monday arrivals...hopefully tomorrow...cuz I don't know where I placed the dang invoice....(Cerissa is on vacation so I am slacking....sorry guys)

  2. robert4025

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  3. robert4025

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  4. robert4025

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  5. Apon

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    when does the good stuff get in?
  6. Coral reefer

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    Seriously. I wanna see the blue psammacora!

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