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    Hi Guys...sorry for the long absent in posting but we've been super busy at the shop upgrading the systems and stocking up for ya. Over the last two weeks, we've tanked over 20 BOXES OF CHERRY CORALS! The shop is packed to the brim right now for the holidays so if you haven't visit us lately, now is the time! Yesterday alone, we unloaded over 12 boxes of hand picked corals from LA! Quick run down of what came in yesterday:

    - Ultra Red Goniopora
    - Red/Green Candy Cane
    - Ultra Zoanthid
    - Orange w/ Green Center Tube Anemone
    - Orange Tube Anemone
    - Green Bubble Tip Anemone
    - Fiji Yellow Leather (super yellow)
    - Ultra Vietnam Zoas
    - Super Ultra Aussie SPS!
    - Bali Ultra Cultured SPS!
    - Red Cynarina
    - Blue Spot Mushroom
    - Green Mushroom
    - Red Mushroom
    - Orange/Pink Tipped Clove Polyp
    - Lunar Eclipse Palythoa
    - Aussie Ultra Echinophyllia Chalice
    - Aussie Gold Torch
    - Master Scoly
    - Aussie Green Polyp Toadstool Leather
    - Transparent Green Frogspawn (E. Divisa)
    - Orange Frogspawn (E. Divisa)
    - Ultra Crocea Clam
    - Ultra Maxima Clam (tiny-med)
    - Blue Tear Drop Squamossa Clam
    - Ultra Derassa Clam
    - Green Banded Gobies!

    Also, these came in last week:

    - Borbonius Anthias! only two...super colorful and large.
    - Blue Tang (lots of them!)
    - Green Mandarin Goby
    - Yellow Watchman Goby
    - Hi Fin Tangora Goby
    - Tail Spot Blenny (super cute!)
    - Twin Spot Goby
    - Purple Firefish
    - Algae Blenny
    - Geometric Pygmy
    - Gold Rim Tang
    - Rainfordi Goby
    - Strawberry Dottyback
    - Black Cap Basslett
    - Royal Grammas
    - Dispar Anthias
    - Evensi Anthias
    - Six Line Wrasse
    - Velvet Nudibranch
    - Atlantic Pistol Shrimp
    - Emerald Crab
    - Arrow Crab
    - Fire Shrimp
    - Sexy Shrimp
    - Ugly shrimp
    - Cleaner Shrimp
    - Peppermint Shrimp

    As you can see, we don't just have the biggest selection, but also the highest quality of corals and fish you'll ever find in the Bay Area! Why shop anywhere else this holidays? We got it all for you! Pictures coming in few minutes....

    Also....check us out on our site at for the latest news on new arrivals. There, you can also sign up for updates on new shipment every week! That's all we sent out the newsletter for so no spam from us.

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    Done for now....
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    Awesome... love the BTA.
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    Would love to see a pic of red and green candy cane...

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