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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by Matt pumphrey, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. hello all! I used to be more active with my aquarium and the community and am starting to get back into it.

    I had a lot of fun years ago at one of the swaps in Stockton and hope to get back into it. (live in Sj, willow glen)

    I currently have a 65 gallon rimless ADA tank and am looking to go up to a 150 plus build a refugium and sump in my basement under the aquarium. Then I can finally house my favorite fish and have the space for swimming and corals. 60x24x24 or something like that.

    My lighting is currently a kessil 360 and I am looking to bump to a kessil ap 700. What do you all think?

    Who in the area can build me a quality tank? Starphire etc?

    Can’t wait to get back into the hobby! Thanks for any and all opinions!

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  2. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Nice custom housing for the kessil

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  3. I recommend Crystal Dynamics in southern CA for a new Starphire tank. Since you're in the San Jose area they can be ordered through Neptunes.
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  4. Tmjvb

    Tmjvb Guest

    Yup, Crystal Dynamics is top notch.
    I had my tank built by them. No complaints.
  5. roostertech

    roostertech Guest

    Welcome! Nice Kessil housing. Is that a GSP mountain on the left side?
  6. It is, I was busy with work and they kinda took over after about 6 months. I’m killing them back not with aptasia-x. Any good ideas on what to do with them? Anything cool?

    At this point I could cut a frag a day.....

    I’m thinking of putting the ap700 in a chandelier, we’ll see what I really end up doing.
  7. JVU


    Hi and welcome!

    I use the AP700’s and like the Kessil mounting arms.

    Also regarding tank makers, I’ve been very happy with my Red Sea Reefer 750 if you don’t need custom.
  8. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    Let me know what kind of tanks you find out there to your liking! It’s really hard to go from an ADA aquarium to anything else. Everyone else’s silicone jobs look somewhere between disappointing and appalling. Having said that, I think you already have the biggest aquarium ADA makes (?) so I agree with others that Red Sea and CDA are good large tank options :)
    Crystal Dynamics seems to only work with half-inch glass and they can’t make the size tank you want (>100 gallons) rimless. The Red Sea reefer tanks have thicker glass to make their larger tanks rimless. Neptune’s has the CDAs on display if you want to see them in person.

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  9. tankguy

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  10. Iris

    Iris Guest

    Welcome to the forum, and nice pictures!

  11. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    CDA is who I went with my custom tank. They do use thicker glass depending on whether you go with rimless or eurobrace. One of the quote that I received back from them was for 3/4" due to the dimensions on the rimless application.

    You can check out their build quality at Neptune for reference since they carry standard sized tanks from CDA there. You can oftentimes see custom tanks there as well prior to them being picked up or delivered. I've also seen their custom work on Steve's tank not too long ago and I would say it's beautiful. For reference, I own starphire tanks from ADA (Japan), Miracles (Canada), and AquaJapan (Chinese).
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  12. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    Welcome. Love the kessil housing :)
  13. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    What are the dimensions of the rimless tank you quoted with 5/8” glass from CDA?

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  14. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    40x24x24. They have to use 3/4" glass if I wanted that height on a rimless. They could only do up to the 21" height if I wanted it in 1/2" rimless.

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