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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by Gorm, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Hi Stefani,

    Welcome. :0)

    I love your entire concept. It's really unique. I also love your description of non obsession? My wife and I were just discussing this topic over dinner this evening. Glad you're on the board. Not sure what scwd translates into, but it sounds rad.

    Hi Richard,

    Thank for the link and staying in touch. Can I lift that term from you (Fish Porn) I'll only use it in good company?

    Best to you both,
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    Hello All,
    I've kept a variety of marine tanks with a variety of success (mostly good, solid learning experiences) for about 16 years. My first dedicated marine tank was a 120 TruVue with standard flourescent lighting. This was well prior to availability of home propagated frags and swapping. My early reef experiences were moderately successful but not with the variety of livestock that is common today. I put the hobby on hold for several years and reentered the arena with the advent of the JBJ Nano Cube. The Nano Cube led to refining my water testing skills as well as a much better understanding of livestock requirements.

    Last March I decided to set up a frag nursery and enter the frag arena in earnest. I modifed the Nano Cube by adding an additional circulalation pump in the sump with discharge through the bulkhead and into the top center of the tank. The stock tank had insufficent circulation. I also drilled and dremeled the hood to allow water in and water out of the nano sump. I set up a new, 20 gal tank with sand as a substrate and a modest amount of LR and run the water from the Nano Cube, through a chiller and into the 20 gal tank. Siphon overflow box sends it back to the Nano Cube.

    So I've been visiting most of the specialists that sell frags retail such as Ocean Treasures, Aquatic Central, Aquatic Gallery, Atlantis Aquarium, Tropical Reef and a few online providers such as Vivid. The nursery is full and I've just started a build on an Elos 120, the new 90 gal model. I'm hoping to connect with you all to help me understand moving from buying my frags to trading for them. I've got a good start with an assortment of SPS, LPS, including some nice montis, chalice, duncans, Balanophyllia, acros, blastomusa and others. I'm a pretty quick learner and hope to meet up with many of you in person.

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    Hi Screebo, AKA ?

    Welcome. You came to the right club. I wont be of much help to you on the fragging, as I am ramping up my custom 100g. But, I have experience elsewhere.

    You can check out my Journal Page, pictures and links:

    Happy reefing,
  4. Erick

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    Welcome to the club.
  5. screebo

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    Thanks! Nice to meet you. Connecting with fellow reefers that are within driving distance has got to be a big plus. I'm getting excited about taking delivery of the Elos 120 and getting it up and running. Here's a better view of some of the livestock that will be moving once the new tank has cycled. The picture was taken mid July. Lots has changes since then, mostly in a good way. I am having a battle, however, with a precious frag of Chris's Watermellon chalice (Aquatic Central) that has suddenly gone into decline and has tissue in recession from the skeleton. It had been in place for almost 3 months and doing fine. Best I can guess is that there was too much current where it was located. The entire rest of the tank is fine and toxins are at zero. Ph is at 8.3 so it's gotta be a fluke. I'm watching it like a hawk now as this kind of condition can progress so very rapicly. I'll stop whining about one of the most rare and beautifil frags in the tank 8-(



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    I'm not able to locate the "message" button reported to be at the top of the page allowing access to PM's. Hmmmmm
  8. Elite

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    yeah that is only for members. You are not a member yet :) ..
    Welcome to BAR!!
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    Alrighty then, now I get it!
    Thanks for clarifying.......
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    Hi John

    Members have access to PM. I think you're a member, so you may want to talk to Lyn to activate your PM button. I notice, on your avatar, that your account isn't showing as a member yet. I think it might take a couple or few days for Admin to activate it. Afterwards, I wont forget what I wanted to say. No biggie.

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    If he hasn't pay, he's not a member. Bryan (seminolecpa) is usually the one doing the activation. He does everything :D ..
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    Yes, you need to contact Bryan for activation. I only greet people and help them with newbie syndrome. :) BTW, welcome! :D
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    Hello, my name is Eric Anderson and I got back into reefing 6 months ago. I took off about 4 years as I was moving around Southern CA and I didn't want to have to move my tank every 1.5 to 2 years. Once I settled down in the Bay Area, I bought a tank and got back into the hobby.

    I'm running a Red Sea Max 130 (34 gallons) and I love it. I have mainly SPS in my tank and have purchased most of my frags from local reefers. I look forward to contributing to the forums and the DBTC give aways.

    - Eric

    PS - I have had several hobbies and I have to say that reefers are the nicest hobbyists I have ever met.
  14. screebo

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    Hello Eric and welcome! Real nice to meet you, hope to see you in person before too long.


  15. Reef Keeper

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    Welcome Eric,

    I started S/W with a 38 gallon, and there's a lot you can do with 34 gallons too. You can check out my gallery pictures to see how heavily I had the 38 gallon stock. Now I have a custom, but humble 100 gallon reef set up that I think you will enjoy too. Take a look and check out my tank journal too.;sa=myimages;u=5350

    Reef Keeper
  16. Lyn

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    Welcome back to the addiction Eric! :D You could start a tank thread so we can see your progress! :)
  17. anderson99

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    Lyn, I've been meaning to post some pictures. I am actually fighting a nasty outbreak of algae right now. I am trying to find the sweet spot when feeding my corals and clearly I have been over feeding. I am slowing getting rid of it with 20% water changes 2x a week. Once it is gone, I'll post some pics.

    ReefKeeper, thanks for the links. For some reason I can't view the gallery. I've been surprised how much I've been able to add to my 34. So far, I'm very pleased with it.

    Screebo, thanks for the welcome.
  18. ReefDoc

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    My name is Michael. I am a Veterinarian. I have had reef tanks since 1996. I recently shut down my 100 gallon Jebo reef with a 20 gallon sump. I started my 34 gallon Red Sea reef 2 months ago and I am loving it. It has a fantastic protein skimmer! and the frags and corals are looking great so far.

    I was an Urgent Care Officer at FishNet on Compuserve for 9 years. I have seen Pet Fish as patients in my Private Small animals and exotic pratice and I am now Retired.

    I am looking forward to meeting you all.

  19. GreshamH

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    Welcome ReefDoc :)

    Which VET school did you attend?
  20. bluevoodoo

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    welcome ReefDoc

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