(New Pictures posted!) FS 58G Oceanic RR tank with bonus sump, stand, hood, sand, some rocks! $300

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    Hi guys! Long time no ... forum.

    Anyway, after quite a long time, I've shut down my 58 gallon tank ... because I replaced it with my 180G "Wifebane" tank.

    So now I have the 58G tank and I'd like to sell it to fund some more lights. And pics will follow.

    What comes with it?

    58G Oceanic tank
    - Has some coralline, etc on the glass, but NO SCRATCHES. Originally paid $350 for it. It has the megaflow overflows

    Wooden Stand
    - functional, but make yourself a new one. Optional, if you don't take it, that's fine, I'll toss it.

    Wooden Hood
    - Home made and works really well.

    - DIY acrylic, works well (I'll post a pic)
    - some coralline, etc, on it. Scratched a bit, but who cares, it's a sump.

    Tack on $100 for the dual 175 Metal Halides that are in the hood, otherwise I am going to dismount them and install them over the 180 to supplement the LEDs I'm using now. Original price was probably $300 for both, since they have Icecap ballasts. Also all my old used bulbs for you to play with (like 4-6 of them, can't remember).

    This tank grew anemones like nobodies business (and I'm not just talking about Aiptasia!)

    I will, of course, upload pics.

    It's taking up garage space and my wife is going to kill me soon.
    You'll have to haul it from my place, no delivery, but of course I'll help you move it to your car and if you live close enough, I'll help you move it into your garage/house.


    PS. My wife said she would pay me $500 to just throw it away.
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    Oh yeah, I have a lot of sand, and I'll toss sand into the deal, and a couple of rocks too (!! WOW TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? NOPE! IT'S TRUE!!)

    Everything you need, except a skimmer and return pump!
  3. Vincerama2

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    Finally Pictures!!

    There is sand at the bottom of the tank, it was wet after cleaning so I didn't scoop it out. The overflow equipment is in the tank. There is a plastic backdrop taped to the back (blue as you can see). The overflow is encrusted with old coralline.


    The Sump is made from a 30G tank


    The lights are a pair of 175W Metal Halides

    The hood is double hinged at the top, so the front is like an L shape that flips up giving access to the front and some of the top

    IMG_2916.JPG IMG_2917.JPG

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