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    Hello All!!!!

    What an epic week of new goodies!!!! We just got back from our cherry picking trip in LA and came home with over 8 boxes of super nice stuff! In addition to the 6 boxes that came in the same day. That is a total of over 14 new boxes of new stuff! Here's a brief List of what we got in:

    Ultra Red Blastomussa with Green Mouth
    Ultra Goniastrea
    Ultra Bleeding Apple Scolly
    Branching Frogspawn
    Ultra Green Wall Frogspawn
    Torch Coral
    Metallic Goniopora
    Blue Spotted Mushroom
    Yellow Spotted Mushroom
    Metallic Hairy Green Mushroom
    Metallic Green Clove
    Metallic Green Star Polyp
    Ultra Zoanthid (over 20 colonies to choose from)
    Lunar Eclipse Palythoa
    Red People Eater Palythoa
    Nuclear Green Pocillopora
    Blue Green Psammacora (rare)
    Green Acanthastrea Echinata w/ Orange Eyes
    Ultra Micromussa Amakusensis - we got 6 colonies!
    Ultra Echinophyllia Chalice
    Ultra Lobophyllia
    Ultra Green Crown Leather
    Green Tubipora
    Ultra Ricordea Yuma
    Ultra Blue Rhodactus
    Acropora Tortusa
    Ultra Millepora (over 12 colonies to choose from)
    Purple Acropora Austera
    Purple Acropora Planna
    Yellow Acropora Suharsonoi (super yellow)
    Blue Tenuis
    Purple Tip Efflorescens
    Acropora Robusta
    Red Acropora Hyacintus
    Purple Acropora Humilis
    Acropora Parilis
    Blue Acropora Loripes
    Red Acropora Divaricata
    Branching Montipora Digitata
    Pink Birdnest (show size)

    Fish and Inverts:
    Super Onyx True Percula Clownfish (Wild) - 12 in stock only. They were hand picked from over 80 fish!
    Purple Firefish
    Powder Blue Tang
    Blonde Naso Tang
    Tomato Clown
    Blue Spotted Watchman Goby
    Gumdrop Yellow
    Six Line Wrasse
    Sunset Anthias (first time we got them in. Red spot on yellow...amazing looking fish)
    Orange Spotted Shifter
    Red Scooter Blenny
    Bicolor Blenny
    Chocolate Chip
    Shifter Starfish
    Sri Lanka Clarki Clown (super bright color contrast)
    Unkown Dottyback (purple/red)
    Pyramid Snail
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Blue Eye Cardinal
    Coral Beauty
    Psychedelic Mandarin
    Leopard Wrasse
    Orange Spotted Shifter
    Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
    Green Chromis
    Copperband Butterfly
    Hi Fin Tangaroa
    Four Wheel Drive Goby
    Antenna Goby
    Yellow Watchman Goby
    Green Gumdrop Goby
    Fox Face (XS)
    Tailspot Blenny
    Maroon Clown Goby
    Tiger Anthias
    Flaming Prawn Goby (super rare)
    Sailfin Tang
    Cinnamon Clown
    Margarita Snails
    Mexican Red Leg Hermit
    Blue Leg Hermit
    Scarlet Red Reef HErmit
    Algae Blenny
    Assorted File Fish
    Six Line Wrasse
    Turbo Snails

    Hope to see everyone this weekend!

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  10. bondolo

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    Some serious "WOW!"s there.
  11. jellygeee

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    What kind of wrasse is that (second pic from the bottom)?
    Exquisite Fairy Wrasse?
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    +1... it's gotta be the new lights. Making everything just pop.

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