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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by ReeferPat, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. ReeferPat

    ReeferPat Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and reefing in general. Set up my 40-gallon AIO Aquatop cube last November.

    I was hoping there would be local reefers in my area (North Bay, Sonoma County) to trade ideas/livestock/advice with from time to time.

    My tank has been surprisingly stable considering my rookie status although I have made some mistakes along the way. One is way too much live sand and live rock. Have had to rearrange rocks many times to figure out the best solution. Unfortunately I have now ended up with an aquascape that I rather like but which is completely stacked against the back. I'm concerned there is not enough flow behind the rockwork and I will eventually end up with a toxic situation.

    Also was too eager to stock it. Although I patiently let the cycle take its course over six weeks, I started off with blue chromis, which killed each other off rather quickly. Got a couple blue devil damsels, which easily killed the previously victorious chromis. (I was obviously trying to figure out a way to keep costs down and LFS said these fish were great and easy to keep...). Returned the damsels when I realized they were not going to allow any other fish in the tank. Got a pair of Clarkii Clowns, which have been great, a diamond goby (my favorite fish, which unfortunately went kamikaze on me and jumped out when I was doing a water change. Didn't notice until I saw him next to the tank the next day). Replaced the diamond goby with a banded sleeper goby, added a cleaner shrimp, a neon dottyback, lawnmower blenny and six-line wrasse. All seem to get along great. Have since added a number of different corals, including green, pink and birds-of-paradise birdsnest, a couple euphyllia and other LPS, zoas and mushrooms.

    My last big problem was with anemones. Got a Haitian Pink Tip anemone at LFS because the Clarkii were hosting in it at the store. The anemone thrived but clowns were not interested in my tank. Took the nem back and replaced with a RBT from a friend. Clowns were hosting immediately but the nem went traveling and finally settling in a cave in the middle of the rock work!!! I ended up conceding that the anemone was going to do as it wished and rather than force the issue I just removed a rock above to make sure it got some light. All seems well now.:)

    After that long intro, here are some pics:
  2. ReeferPat

    ReeferPat Guest

    Normally I'm fairly adept with computers but I can't seem to upload any pictures. Any ideas?
  3. Jeff Rehling

    Jeff Rehling Supporting Member

    welcome. recommend becoming a supporting member! really worth the cost
  4. rygh

    rygh BOD


    To load picture, click "Upload a File" button at lower right of the screen.

    Yep, Damsels are mean, and Anemones love to move just where you don't want them.
    Oh, and they can get shredded in powerheads when moving.
    But we still love them. I have 5 or so.
  5. JVU


    The only straightforward way I‘ve found to get photos to upload is through the app Tapatalk
  6. glee

    glee BOD

    Welcome to BAR. I’ve been seeing north bay reefers make their way here recently. How did you here about us?

    I host my pics on google, download to desktop, and upload.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of your tank.
  7. tankguy

    tankguy Supporting Member

    Welcome to the club. Funny thing for me uploading pics is I can’t with my iPhone but I can with my iPad
  8. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Wow...another North Bay’r. Welcome.

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  9. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Pictures are limited to 5MB in size if uploaded via the website.

    Is your iPad old? If so, the quality of the images is probably lower resolution than your phone and thus has a smaller file size (less than 5MB). You can uploaded via tapatalk without issue because it uses their servers to host the image and not BAR's servers. Tapatalk, as far as I can tell, does compress and reduce the quality of your image so they come out looking crappier than they do from your device.
  10. jamie

    jamie Supporting Member

    welocme, i cant wait to get an RBT, but i just started my tank. have to wait till christmas
  11. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    Yeah, when I got a new phone I started having to use a separate app to resize them so they were smaller to be able to upload them.
  12. tankguy

    tankguy Supporting Member

    My iPad is about 2 years old
  13. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Yet another thing to add to website wishlist - automatically resize photos.

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