Newjack's Dog house build (tank journal)

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    Hello Bar,

    For those members that do not know me, my name is Kris. I go by the screen name “Newjack” on most fish forums. I have been reefing for many many years and when I joined BAR I had an existing tank. So, I never had a chance to start a “tank journal”. Here is a link to my current tank. It was chosen for a “Tank spotlight of the month” back when we first started the recognition program.

    Here’s a short list of the New (used) tank build. I am labeling this build “Newjack’s dog house build” because wifey say’s NO more fish tanks in the house! So, this new build will be in my garage. And, so I am in the dog house for this one.

    Tank = 75 gallon rimless (unknown brand, this was @Gablami hospital tank).

    Skimmer = Vertex 130

    Lighting = ATI 6 bulb T5

    Flow = Gyre, tunze, Sea Swirl

    Live rock = Dry rock, sculped by @jestersix reefscaping

    Sump = Trigger Emerald green

    Dosing = GEO 612 Carx.

    Controller = Apex EL

    Top off = Tunze 3155

    Substrate = Tropic Eden reef flakes & meso flakes mixture.

    I’m sure there is something I’m missing, but you all can get an ideal of what I’m working with. My current tank was set up in a hurry because I was coming off a tank downsize from a 100 gal. to a 75. At that time, I just wanted to get my rocks and stuff out of holding bins and get back up and running. With really no end goal other than having fish in the house. And a few corals is always nice.

    This time around, I am actually planning on what goes into this tank with an emphasis on a SPS friendly build. To be honest with you everyone. I was losing interest in the hobby. I missed the last few frag swaps because I really wasn’t feeling it. I’m using this new build as a re-boot for me. Something to reignite my reefing.

    I hope to be adding pictures as the tank matures in the up coming months and years.

    Wish me luck, and happy Reefing BAR!

    Here’s a few pictures of the tank during the build process.

    IMG_6637.JPG IMG_6639.JPG IMG_6638.JPG IMG_6644.JPG IMG_6643.JPG
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    Looking good so far Kris! That tank looks like the Solana XL 67g. That sump cleaned up real well! Nice jestersix rockwork!

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