Next Weekends Frag Swap Recap

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  1. Quick overview for the Annual Bay Area Reefer’s Public Frag Swap.

    Open to all!

    • When: Saturday (this coming Saturday) October 20th.
      10:30 AM doors open for vendor shopping.
      11:00-12:00 Registration
      12:00 – 12:30 High End Coral Auction (Funds go to BAR Non-Profit)
      12:30- Start frag swap
    • Where: Chabot College in Hayward, CA Room 722
    • Preregistration $20.00 (Go to Website (
      At the door $30.00

    • What: Bring at least three corals properly labeled (See website)
      Go home with many more corals!

    Raffle Highlights:
    · Kessil Light
    · Neptune Apex Equipment
    · Fritz Salt
    · Reef Nutrition Awesome Food packs
    · 75# Bulk Reef Supply Reef Roc
    · Gorgeous Designer Clownfish
    · Numerous Gift Certificates from area LFS’s.
    · Innovative Marine Equipment

    Auction Highlights:
    · WWC Bounce
    · Walt Disney Acro
    · JF Fox Flame Acro
    · WWC Rainbow Rim Watermelon Chalice
    · Colony size ORA Orange Setosa
    · Large Pink Lemonade
    · Colony size Blue California Tort
    · SPS Packs featuring Strawberry Shortcake, PC Rainbow, WWC Bubblegum Digi, WWC Slimeball, Oregon Tort and many others.
    · Zoa Packs featuring zoas.

    Many of these same corals will also be available for the picking in the swap itself because this is BAR – one of the oldest, largest Reef Clubs around! You don’t want to miss this one.

    Vendor list with special BAR Frag Swap Pricing: Legendary Corals, Jester6, Clearwater Aquariums, Alexander Whedbee, Chris’s Reef
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