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  1. All of these items came from a recent tank breakdown. All are 18 months old or less for the most part and were used on a very successful high-end SPS tank.

    The tank was broken down because of a curtain fire in the house on an adjacent wall. Because the fire started in a wall outlet nearby the fire department clipped the ends of a few of the power cords that weren’t plugged into the EB8’s. The ones directly into wall outlets.

    There was no damage to the equipment, but a few cords will have to be spliced with ends. I’ll note the equipment that this is the case. All other equipment is in excellent shape.

    Here’s the initial list. I may be listing more over the next few days as I decide what I’m keeping for future builds and what I really don’t need to tuck away at this time – so check back.

    BAR members will get a few days head start on these before I list anywhere else.

    · Two available Ecotech Radion XR 30 Pro G3’s. Both have the full LeRusso Design brackets and mounting poles. The G3’s are 18 months old and were run at 40%. They do need plugs spliced in.

    They retail at $700.00 ea. The LeRusso mounts retail at $200.00 each just for the bracket. These have mounting poles as well.

    Selling for $425.00 each including the mounts.

    · Cadlight Sump. 33 gallon Artisan II Multi-Chamber Sump All Glass (33.5 X 15 X 13) $150.00

    · Cadlight Skimmer – 165G Gen-3 PLS-150 Cone Skimmer $150.00

    · (2) MP40’s – Drivers only $50.00 eac.

    · Apex Display $50.00 (sold)

    · Apex Classic Controller $100.00 (sold)

    · (2) Apex EB8’s – Both need plugs spliced in. $50.00 each (both sold)

    PM me or text/call at 650-833-8226. Pick-up in Walnut Creek.
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  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Damn, really hoping the fire wasn't at your apartment!
  3. Nope -- not mine. I just bought the equipment as a package since I needed some of the items available for myself. Just getting rid of the extras at this point.
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  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Man those are some good prices, although people should take care of just splicing in power cables, and possibly connect them internally with water resistant grommets.

    I'm half tempted by both the Apex bundle and the Radions but don't really have time for a project fix really.
  5. There's always time for reefing projects! And these are an easy fix.
  6. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah, I realize they are an easy fix, which is why they're so temping :)
  7. BSAJim

    BSAJim Guest

    PM Sent
  8. Apex controller, (2) EB8's and the display sold to BSAJim.
  9. BSAJim

    BSAJim Guest

    Bruce - I think you have it mixed up. I asked for the two lights and mounts.

  10. Oops. Sold -- b ut not to BSAJim.
  11. Both Radions and mounts sold to BSAJim. I'll be adding more equipment to the list later on today.

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