Nikon vs Cannon (SLRs)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Vincerama2, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    My wife showed interest in the $800 Nikon D90 .. ugh!

    I like Canon as well, but I have an old Nikon F401x (35mm) and maybe I can leverage the two lenses it has.

    That F401x was the first thing I bought with my first real paycheck ... 20 years ago!

  2. iani

    iani Guest

    Well if you decide to go Nikon consider their d7000. Its 1200 dollars but is considered their best crop sensor camera. Its Nikons upgrade from the d90.
  3. kinetic

    kinetic Webmaster

    easy comparison:

    What do your friends have most of? Go with that. You won't regret it.


    They are both amazing brands, and any camera you get will be amazing regardless. The key is, borrowing lenses and gear from your buddies ;)
  4. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Guest

    Personal preference. Which ever feels better in your hads and like Art said maybe also what your friends have. "so you can borrow lenses. ;) "
    For me personaly I am a Nikon fan. I have the D80 and the F100 35mm. Before those I had the hold F3.
    But you really can't go wrong with either.
  5. davskee

    davskee Guest

    Both companies make great cameras! I like the Nikon cause their cameras come with good kit lenses unlike Canon. You can go to to see pros and cons of both cameras.

    Nikon D7000 and Nikon D90: Key differences

    Higher resolution sensor (16.2MP vs. 12.3MP)
    Choice of 12-bit or 14-bit NEF (RAW)
    1080p HD movie mode
    Limited movie editing functionality
    AF possible during video shooting
    Live View switch (basically the same as D3100)
    Faster AF in live view mode.
    Twin SD card slots
    Non-CPU lens data function (allows registration of up to 9 non-G lenses with manual apertures)
    Magnesium alloy body shell
    Wider ISO span (100-25,600 including 'H1' and 'H2')
    Newly developed 39-point AF system
    'Quiet' single frame advance mode
    'Proper' mirror lock-up (as distinct from 'exposure delay mode')
    Lockable drive mode dial
    Higher maximum frame rate (6fps) with a Continuous Lo shooting option (1-5fps)
    100% viewfinder
    Choice of 12-bit or 14-bit NEF (RAW) recording in compressed or lossless compressed formats
    Up to 9 'non-CPU' lenses can be registered (same as D300s/D3s/D3X)
    New EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery
    New MB-D11 battery pack (magnesium alloy construction)
  6. Crosis

    Crosis Guest

    I argued the same question a couple months ago... I was for the Nikon as I have friends who are photographers and that's what they use (means I can use their lenses)

    Finally after much deliberation my wife went with the D7000, it fit in her hand comfortably as the final deciding factor... She was going for the Cannon or Olympus before, but found they didn't fit in her hand as well as the D7000...

    After she got it, she started researching DSLR's and found that the D7000 is pretty much the best on the market for non-professionals as far as camera's go...

    She ended up with a lens kit, and a 35mm fixed...
  7. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    Well, so far, aside from Zepplock, all my other "into photography" friends are sporting Canons. As a non-pro and as a guy who really doesn't need any more expensive hobbies, I'm slightly leaning towards the Canon Rebel Xsi.

    A friend of mine is also suggesting the new 4/3 frame cameras. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that means (4/3 frame). And I just recently started reading up about crop/full frame cameras. Wow, too much info!

  8. A_Lee

    A_Lee Guest

    If you're looking into the Canon XSi, I have a mint one for sale, with accessories -everything you need to get started and more.
    I'll send you a PM.
  9. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    I was in the same quandary earlier this year. After owning Canon's before, I know they stand behind their products, but I had to send my P&S camera back to them 3 time over the past 5 years for some sensor issues (they paid for the repairs). I was considering the Canon T2, but went with the Nikon D5000 for the flip out adjustable view finder which works well with their "Live View." feature. I also got a super sweet deal that included their standard 18/55 and a wicked 300 lenses with vibration reduction. The edit menus are intuitive, and I've taken some of my best pictures to date. Hope this helps. If only they had a fish tank mode, as I really haven't got the white balance parameters dailed in yet.
  10. zepplock

    zepplock Guest

    Exactly my experience except for me Canon fixed the sensor but made something to my P&S canon camera so that it was draining battery even in OFF mode (full battery pack from full to zero in 24 hours). I could never convince them it was their fault. I spent $3000+ on Nikon equipment since. Suck on that canon ;-)
  11. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    4/3 is a smaller format which bridges the p&s/dslr area. DSLR, depending on which model, has a crop factor of 1-1.5x. 4/3 on the other hand has a smaller sensor and it's crop factor is 2x.

    Size wise, it's also in between the two. It's basically a p&s with the ability to use interchangeable lenses with adapters (only really needed if you use a 3rd party lens). The dynamic range isn't quite as good as a dslr, but the G3 looks like it's slowly bridging the difference quite well (preliminary high ISO images, ISO 1600/3200, looks to be on par if not better than some of the newer entry level DSLRs).

    As for which is better, it's really just down to preference. There's a camera of some sort or another at every single price point for both Canon and Nikon (they tend to leapfrog each other as far as pricing). Did you get a chance to play with cameras from both companies?
  12. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    I bought Anthony's used Xsi last night! I gave it to my wife as a surprise gift (just for fun) and she loves it! She even mentioned that she should take a photography class! This is the actual reason for buying the camera, to open up photography as a possible shared interest for us. Hey, back in the day I was very much into photography, I took classes and subscribed to a bunch of magazines, but as a fresh grad, I couldn't really afford all the nifty gizmos AND the $15-$20 per roll developing fees!

    This may sound weird too, but she like it even more because I DIDN'T buy a high end brand new camera. She is ...uh ... frugal.

    Before buying it, I tried out a friends Xsi, and I went to Target where they had some display models of Canon and Nikon slrs and held them. I found that the Canon filled my hand a bit better and that the shutter release fit more naturally under my index finger. With the Nikon, I had to lift my finger more...not that that is really very important.

    Compared to my old Nikon film SLR though, or my Dad's old, these digital cameras are um...the opposite of heavy-duty feeling. I guess light is nice, but the feel of a solid heavy camera and the sound of the film advance really has some .. I dunno ... some special feel to it!

    Anyway, I really look forward to taking some pics with this, and I really look forward to my wife enjoying it!

  13. zepplock

    zepplock Guest

    OMG it happened! Grats!
  14. A_Lee

    A_Lee Guest

    Welcome to the family

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