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  1. NiNeX

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    86 gallon glass display tank (48 x 18 x 23)
    25 gallon acrylic sump (30 x 12 x 16)
    Dual CPR CS90 Overflows
    Mag 9.5 return
    Koralia 3 & 4
    Octopus Skimmer RPS1000
    2 - Two Little Fishes reactors (Running ROWA and carbon)
    DIY denitrator coil
    Neptune AquaController 3 with temp, pH, and ORP probes
    PFO Dual HQI 250w Ballast powering two XM 20k single ended bulb in lumenarc 3 mini reflectors
    Icecap 660 Ballast driving 2 48" T5 UV Super Actinics
    DIY stand, made it extra tall for easier viewing.
    7 stage RODI from thefilterguys

    Fish Stocking
    2 - Ocelaris Clowns
    2 - Bengali Carbinals
    2 - Barnacle Blennys
    2 - Wrasse
    1 - Peppermint Shrimp

    Coral Stocking / PAR lighting level
    Dragon Eye Zoa - 400
    Blue Paly - 320
    Pipe Organ - 380
    Ultra Green Star Polyp - 350
    Hammer - 350
    Assorted Mushroom - 300 ~350
    Assorted Ricordia - 300

    Am/Ni/Na - 0
    PO4 - 0
    Ca - 440ppm
    Alk - 10dKh
    Mg - 1450ppm
    Temp - 78 ~ 79



  2. Elite

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    Your electrical wires look like mine :D ;D ..
  3. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    What an unusual size glass tank. Is it custom?

    Your wires actually look better than mine. Haha. ;D
  4. NiNeX

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    Hang on Tank Overflow
    I originally setup the tank with a single overflow. The setup was very noisy and carried a large risk of making a big flood if the siphon were to ever stop. What I ended up doing to resolve the noise and to alleviate some of my stress was to glue two overflows together, and then cut out the drain portion of the two overflows so that the drain side would be one large area.

    This allowed me to use a dual durso setup, one in a full siphon, regulated by a ball valve, and the second one acting as a standard drain, this resulted in no drain noise. It also let me keep redundant overflows from the tank so that if one siphon were to stop I would not flood my house.

    External Skimmer
    One major issue I had was that I setup an external skimmer, and one night I set it to run a little bit too wet, this resulted in a small flood where I lost about 3 gallons into the bottom of my stand. Because the bottom of the stand was attached and water had gotten under it, I had to take the skill saw to my newly build stand in order to dry up the water. This prompted me to get a controller for my system. I now have the skimmer setup so that if it were to overflow again, it will set off a flood sensor in a container, the controller will then cut the feed pump and send me a text message to my phone. (You can still see in the photo above where I sliced into the floor of the stand, I do have a new one that is waiting to be installed)

    Mesh wheel mod for skimmer
    Since the skimmer was not performing as well as I would have liked I have performed the mess wheel mod to it. So far it has been 6 months without any issues, it is foaming up much better then when I had originally purchased it.
  5. NiNeX

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    The tank was used, picked it up for almost half of what I paid for the sump >:(
  6. nanocube-guy

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    looking great so far.

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