Non-Upgrade Sale: 65 RR Tank/Stand/Hood, 36" T-5 Bulbs, Mag 7, and more

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by georgec, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I was going to upgrade to a 65, but after leak testing, getting all the equipment together, working on the sump, when I finally lugged it from the garage up to my condo, it was just too big for the space (yes I did measure prior to buying, it just seemed a lot bigger once it was in place). So, I've decided to keep my 29, and am looking to sell some of the equipment I've collected:

    $200 obo: 65 Gallon Tank/Stand/Hood
    • 65 gallon reef ready glass tank. Overflow is in back left corner. This is a 65 High - 36XL18WX24H. I filled it with water Thanksgiving weekend and it didn't leak. It's been sitting in my garage for a little over 2 years (and was purchased from another BAR member).
    • Matching black stand and hood. The stand is 38.5LX19.5WX30.5H with about 25" of clearance in the stand. The hinges are a little rusty, but otherwise sound
    • Sump is a modified wet-dry sump. I installed some baffles and a platform to elevate the skimmer
    • Also includes a SEIO pump, came with the tank, not sure the size and never fired it up

      Other Assorted Gear
    • $70 - Danner Mag 7 Pump new/never used with original box. I paid ~$90 for it a year or so back.
    • $60 - 4 new 36" T-5 Bulbs bulbs (still in the boxes): these cost ~$80 new, purchased about 2 months ago. Still in the box:
      GE Starcoat 36" 39W 6,500K T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp
      -ATI 36" 39W Blue Plus + T5 Lamp
      -ATI 36" 39W Aquablue Special 12,000K T5 Lamp
      -36", 39W Actinic White T5 Lamp by UV Lighting
      $150: Reef Octopus 4 Skimmer, new with original box. Opened and assembled, but never turned on. Paid $170 at Marine Depot for this.
      $120: Ice Cap 660 Ballast. New, in the box/never used. Bought about 2 years ago. I think these run ~$150?

    Make a reasonable offer. Also, looking for items for my 29 and willing to trade: 24" T-5 HO lighting or MH; Aquafuge with skimmer HOB set-up. Located in SF and will be at swap for everything but the tank.

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    Only need stand and light bulbs

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