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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by OnTheReef, Aug 12, 2018.

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  2. I've never gotten the ones with holes to work. I've yet to see any of my fish overcome their distrust of them to make much use of them. So I guess the question is -- why do you care if it's gone in 20 minutes?
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    I'd like the fish to have something to nibble on throughout the day. Trying to cut down on herbivore aggression (specifically my Yellow Tang). I've just had to go about removing my 3rd fish in two months. There seems to be a lot of discussion around keeping the grazers well fed.
  4. I suspect a full stomach (filled quickly) does that better than a feeding station where some get chased off continually since the more aggressive fish can't get enough. :)
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    Hoping @Chromis will weigh in, I remember seeing one in your Red Sea Reefer?
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    I just throw a sheet into each reef. They all follow it around and graze. I think because it is moving to different areas of the tank, nobody gets aggressive over it.
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    When I would use the clip, only my yellow tang would eat the nori. The TLF pouch I use for frozen food. As it thaws the little pieces poke through the holes and enticed the fish but I never thought to try nori. I don’t think it would work the same.
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    In my tank that would be impossible. Mine last 5-6 minutes at best
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    Im grazer is what I've used. It works great.

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    My yellow tang took to the TLF pouch feeder with nori after dancing around it for 3-5 days. Maybe it helps to get the nori with garlic added so they can smell it’s there. Now whenever I put a fresh sheet in it she races right over and starts eating. They can get to the nori through the holes and it keeps the nori mostly together in one place. The nori sheets start falling apart after a couple days so I only put maybe two days worth in at a time (maybe a 1”x5” piece folded in half).

    My Pygmy angel never took to it though.
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