[Nov 14, 2015] California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Tour (San Francisco, CA)

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    Information Posted on 10/24/2015

    Wahoo BAR is going to the Steinhart to do a Behind-the-Scenes Tour! We will be escorted below ground to see how the aquariums within the Steinhart Aquarium operate. You'll see how a professional aquarium maintains the tanks behind the front glass and how they uses large scale equipment to maintain their beautiful aquariums.

    Tour Information
    There will be two separate groups of 15 people each. One group will meet at 10:25AM and the other group will meet at 1:25PM. Meet at the Tyranosaurus Rex Skeleton in front. Each tour will last approximately 1 Hour. You will have to pay for your own general admission but the tour is free. Check out the rest of the CA Academy of Sciences after you're done.

    Your Tour Guide
    BAR we are so lucky! The tour will be led by Steinhart Aquarium Biologist, Matt Wandell, who was a speaker at MACNA 2015 in Washington DC this year. Matt is taking time out of his busy biologist schedule to give the club a tour of the facilities. You will get so much more information from Matt since the tours are normally led by volunteers/tour staff.

    This is a special opportunity that most people do not have access to so I really encourage you to ask him lots of questions! Like those Pygmy Seahorses he took care of. :)
    How To Sign Up
    Due to limited space we are limited to 30 people for this tour. Only Supporting Members can attend this tour which means no friends/family unless they are a supporting member. When November 9th comes, if there are open spots available, we can accommodate non club-members (familys, friends, lurkers) but you still have to choose a group and post in this thread.

    Matt will be leading two groups for this tour. One group will meet at 10:25AM and the other will meet at 1:25PM.

    Do not be late! We are leaving exactly at 10:30AM and exactly at 1:30AM.

    Post in this thread and let us know which group you want to be in.

    10:25AM Group (Meet at the T-Rex)
    1) @ChillyWilly
    2) @Nav
    3) @JKnox
    4) @Jay Lee
    5) @RobMcC
    6) @RobMcC Katherine
    7) @FangBlenny
    8) @DivingTheWorld
    10)@fixedpoint Daughter
    11) @jonmos75's Son.
    12) @fixedpoint Son

    1:25PM Group (Meet at the T-Rex)
    1) @naterock101
    3) @RussW
    4) @MolaMola
    6) @Rod Thompson
    8) @wpeterson's Wife
    9) @HiFidelity
    10) @HiFidelity's +1
    11) @biomimico
    12) @urabggr
    13) @urabggr gf

    Some of you RSVPd a long time ago but are not supporting members and we recently learned that the tour will be split so....I'm sorry your previous RSVPs are not helpful in setting this up.
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California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Tour
Start Date: Nov 14, 2015 12:30 PM
End Date: Nov 14, 2015 02:30 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -08:00 PST

California Academy of Sciences Steinhart
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94118

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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by denzil, Jan 26, 2015.

    1. 2manyhobbies
      What a great tour. So much to see and learn about. These people are serious about keeping and maintaining reef aquariums. I wish we could spend many hours with the staff. They must be great to work with. Next year I won't forget my camera as there was sooooo much to see. Organizers did a great job. BTW, I invited Matt to attend our holiday meeting in December. The more the Merrier.
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    2. DivingTheWorld
      I just want to thank those of you who set up today's tour. It was really awesome to see everything on such a grand scale. Matt vanished at the end of the tour before I could thank him. If anyone is in touch with him, please extend my thanks for spending his time giving us such a great tour!
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    3. HiFidelity
      what a fabulous experience, Matt was great
    4. jonmos75
      I wanted to thank Mike @Enderturtle, @denzil , @Coral reefer and the members on the BOD as this was a great experience that you have organized for our members...

      Also Matt I loved your "Claude Alligator" story you told us about ....that was really interesting experience you had......lol

      Everyone who was able to make it of the in the first group was on time for the 10:25 Tour and we had a great time with Matt and was extremely informative and a special experience that I wont forget ........ @Nav sorry you could not make it *work related*) so my wife @ChillyWilly & I took pictures (some duplicates)....but not the sea urchin picture as you can see its mouth opening...lol

      Here is a link to my google drive of all the pictures that we took as there are 121 photos....lol

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    5. Enderturtle
    6. RobMcC
      Just to echo the others - the tour was excellent. Thank you very much to BAR for setting this up and special thanks to Matt for giving his time and for a really interesting and informative tour!

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