November 2005 BOD meeting Minutes

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    Thanks Mark!

    BAR BOD Meeting Minutes, November 12, 2005

    1. New BOD members were welcomed.

    2. IRS Non-profit organization issues, we have voted and decide to press for c 4 NPO status

    3. It has been unanimously decided to switch our meeting regiment from 12 meetings a year, to 6 with 4 meetings devoted to speakers and DIY projects and the other 2 meetings being a frag workshop and a frag swap.

    4.By-law change:

    Article II-Membership
    Section A
    Any person, or persons who have an interest in marine knowledge and husbandry shall be eligible for membership. Upon receipt of an application and fee for membership the applicant(s) shall become a member of the organization in good standing. Any member may voluntarily withdraw, and may be suspended or expelled by majority vote of the membership or BOD for violations of these By-laws or for conduct deemed detrimental to the organization.

    The new change in this by-law allows BOD members to determine violations detrimental to the organization as well as a majority vote by members.

    5. Group Buys and the moral issues involved.

    6. End of meeting
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    So what did we decide on group buys? Are we ok post post stuff for sale on RC "in our forum" now?
  3. Thales

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    Still working on the RC forum and Selling. I think the answer will be no selling on that forum, but we will see what they say.
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    I had a nice long post and when I went to post it, the Forum timed me out and I lost everything. I hope that never happens again.


    Basically, if we are only going to have 1 swap a year, I'd like to know when it is in order to plan mounting and grow out.

    If I had a vote, I would keep 2 swaps and treat the fragging demo as a DIY meeting with benefits. Though it was nice to see the demo and get a lot of frags, the way it was done, we have no clue as to what we have and where to place it in our tanks. At least with a swap you tend to get a lot more info with the frag that will help with the success of our future coral propagation efforts.

    Best of luck,

  5. Thales

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    Thanks for the input Roy. If you have questions about placement, please ask! :D

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