November BOD Minutes

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    November BOD Minutes

    Richard M.,Jeremy F.,Bryan S., Erin T., Charles W., Steve P., patrickb, sfsu physics, dswong1, raddoqz, northbay reefer, screebo, Reef Doc, Reef Keeper, badbread

    Dec Meeting and Potluck
    The December meeting will feature a potluck and a talk by Rich Ross describing how our reef specimens are collected and brought to market. Both proper and destructive methods will be talked about. An abstract of his presentation has been posted on this forum.
    A sign-up sheet for food will be posted soon.
    There will be table setup for DBTC and DBTC-IC free for all frags.
    Taking a collection for a worthy cause was discussed. Richard will ask the membership for ideas.

    Ideas For 2010
    Focus on New Members
    DIY/Educational Sessions
    Developing a list of links to educational reef videos was discussed and deemed a good idea.
    The group decided to have some form of DIY sessions in 2010. These could take the form of short demonstrations before meetings or longer sessions on non-meeting days. Topics can be requested and when 10 people show interest, a session can be planned.
    The possibility of having Club test kits and having them available for water testing at meetings was discussed. Further discussion is needed on this topic.
    A list of “Best Test Kits” will be posted.
    The possibility of BAR owning some high end test equipment was discussed and tabled for further discussion.
    The agenda will be posted for all meetings.
    The group thought nametags were a good idea and suggested that disposible ones might work best.
    The club budget has a surplus, so we will try to bring in an extra big name speaker, probably for the June meeting.
    Developing a BAR library was discussed and, at least, a suggested reading list will be posted.
    The possibility of giving some speakers grants to help pay for their research was suggested.
    Members are always encouraged to organize events. A tide pool walk was talked about and will be organized soon.
    Developing a Wikipedia for reefers was discussed until we found an existing Reefpedia online.

    Supporting our Sponsors
    There seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for LFS tours among those at the meeting. The BOD is considering other ways to support our sponsors. One possibility would be DBTC LFS. Donating frags to our sponsoring LFSs was considered and deserves more discussion.
    We discussed the possibility of no longer accepting frags from sponsors for raffles. We may ask for gift certificates instead.

    Increasing BAR’s Regional Reputation
    The vast majority wanted to continue to publicize our DBTC program nationally and spreading our mission statement. One way could be through articles in national magazines like Advanced Aquarist. There was also a suggestion to develop a sister relationship with a Socal club to help build their DBTC program, then they can help other clubs, spreading the program.

    Miscellaneous Items
    There was no desire to develop a new logo.
    BAR merchandise like shirts and hats will be investigated. Is there a demand? Could be done through Café Press.
    Having a Tank of the Quarter seems like a good idea.
    The chat room has been quiet lately. Having a designated weekly chat time might facilitate .more conversation
    The Prop program needs to be expanded with more proppers and possibly more corals. We should see some of these corals in the February swap.
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    To clarify the minutes from the Nov BOD meeting, we used this meeting as a forum to take input from the membership on some proposals for potential priorities for 2010. No decisions were made at this meeting. Any wording in the minutes that appears directive or representing a decision is meant to represent the feedback from those at the meeting, not decisions by the BOD.

    Also, I'm moving this to the financials and minutes forum where it belongs.

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