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    This kit contain everything you'll need to evaluate PAR (photosynthetically active radiation....measures in PPF of wavelength between 400nm-700nm) output of your lighting system. Kit comes with 5-meter pre-wired genuine Apogee Quantum Sensor (model SQ-120) and a high quality multimeter. The sensor is factory calibrated for use with electric light source and can be fully submerged in water.

    The quantum sensor uses a silicon-cell photodiode to yield a millivolt output. This output is multiplied by a conversion factor to yield PPF in ?mol m-2 s-1.

    To measure PAR in PPF:
    1. Insert the Black banana plug into the multimeter's port labeled "COM" (port typically color coded Black)
    2. Insert the Red banana plug into themultimeter's port labeled "VohmA" (port typically color coded Red)
    3. Put the meter into 200 Milli-Volt (200mV) reading range
    4. Place sensor under the light source to take reading. Make sure to keep the sensor as perpendicular to the light source as possible while recording the reading.
    5. Use the simple equation below to convert the above mV reading into PAR value.

    PAR reading is converted from sensor output as followed (assuming reading from multimeter is 60mV):

    Sensor Output (in mili-volt) x conversion factor (5) = PPF (photosynthetic photon flux)

    60mV x 5 = 300PPF

    For more information about the Apogee sensor, please visit Apogee Instruments @
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    Nice! Been wanting to getonefor awhile now...
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    Not for me, but for others who already have a DMM, do you sell the sensor by itself?
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    I will later Tony. I only have enough in stock to make few kits right now.

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