Nuvo 20 Back chamber configuration

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Mozby's Reef, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Been planning out the uses for the back chambers and could use some input. Most of you are probably familiar with the nuvo 20 chamber layout, but I've attached an illustration to this post just in case. The diagram shows where I plan to put everything. Only thing is, I realize the overflow chamber (D) as well as the media basket, are so small that putting chaeto in it would not provide as much impact. Intank has a refugium basket that would fit in the secondary chamber (C) and would give more room for chaeto and rubble. The problem then would be that I have no room for my reactor. So the question is... is my initial plan sufficient? Or should I put a refugium basket in (C) instead? If so, should I return the reactor? Nuvo20backchambers.png Nuvo20backchambers2.png
  2. You don't a reactor in that tank. You can run a bag of Chemipure or similar in or under your filter sock. If you're going to run a refugium (and I'm not convinced it makes a difference in that small of a space based on my experience with IM's) then run it in the largest chamber you can AND make certain you are running an incredibly high quality light (probably an H80) so you get great growth. Without an H80 or something like it you simply can't grow enough to export nutrients I don't think -- if even then.
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    In a tank that size, a fuge is not going to be of any significant use in reducing nutrients. If you want it for pods and stuff, that fine. I would keep the reactor in C.
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    Yeah I was planning to use IM's chaeto max light. But if it's not going to make a diff then maybe I'll scrap the whole refugium idea. Thanks!

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    im running my IM30 the way you have your first diagram, i have the IM fuge light on my chaeto and it grows great. Harvest a ton every couple weeks.
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