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    If you are looking for something in particular, I would encourage you to PM or email me (jestersix@gmail.com) to discuss a pre-order...

    I'm working seriously hard on having a great selections for the swap, I will have some of the following:

    Single space FragDomes ($10 for 4)
    MiniDomes ($15 per dozen)
    PicoDomes ($5 per dozen)
    ChaliceFlats ($10 for 6)
    7 Deadly FragRacks ($20)
    Perfect 10 Frag Racks ($25)
    Lucky 13 FragRacks ($35)
    BlackJack 21 FragRacks ($45)
    BlennyBottles ($15 - $30 depending on bottles)
    Misc small prebuilt 'scapes ($15 and up - depends on build)
    A couple MagFrags ($20 and up - depends on build)

    That said, some of these will be in limited quantities. If you have your heart set on something or are interested in a special/custom order, pre-order is the way to go. As usual, pre-paid guarantees your goodies.

    I don't usually travel with Emaco kits anymore - they are just a PITA to haul around. If you want an Emaco kit, please pre-order and I'll be happy to bring the kit along.
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