[Oct 15, 2016] How to Frag Your Corals Workshop!

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By Enderturtle on Oct 2, 2016 at 7:27 PM
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    Hey y'all let's frag some corals! We'll be having a lil informal class on fragging corals.

    • Date: Saturday October 15, 2016
    • Start Time: 12:30PM
    • Location: @roostertech 's House in Fremont
    We'll cover different techniques for fragging different corals.
    • Which tools work best for which corals under certain circumstances.
    • Which corals should be fragged and which ones cannot be fragged.
    • What to do after you frag a coral? (e.g., don't put fresh cut fleshy corals in high flow or the skin will rip off)
    • I'll be fragging corals in front of you so feel free to ask questions!

    I'm bringing these to frag
    Jack-o-lantern Lepto
    Rainbow Bubble Tipped Anemone
    Acan Echinata (free frags for new members)
    Hammer Colony (free frags for new members)

    Also, we will be having a little meeting after to meet the New People interested in helping with the BAR Club Events. This is super important to this club.
    @tankguy , @Corallus , @Flagg37 hopefully you can make it. Anyone else interested in helping please feel free to stick around after the Coral Fragging Class :)
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Enderturtle, Oct 2, 2016.

    1. Geneva
      Matt - I finally get your handle! <3 is "love" not "less than 3" so you "love to reef" - duh!!! @<3-2-reef
    2. Raidernation08
      Here is a pic of the black widow I was telling you about at the workshop. blackwidow2.jpg
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    3. Flagg37
      @Geneva, you're so funny. :)
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    4. rygh
      Ahh ... I didn't get it either before either. Thought it was some insider math joke. I guess the font makes it look not so heart shaped.
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    5. coral4me
      Thanks for decrypting my handle. In hindsight I probably should have chose something more simple, but I'm stuck with it. =P
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    6. 650-IS350
      Nice Freshwater planted tank.
    7. Flagg37
      I'm surprised that you, someone that spells reef 'rygh', would not have picked up on that. Your user name is quite creative too.
    8. coral4me
      I had also totally missed the rygh/reef handle translation. I thought the handle was pronounced Ry with a silent "gh". Makes more sense I guess.

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    9. MolaMola
      Well, I had no idea about "rygh" - now that is clever. And I only figured out <3-2-reef a month ago when my laptop fell sideways off the couch while opened to this forum. There are others of you I still have not deciphered yet...
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    10. rygh
      Err, what? o_O
      Rygh is my last name. Pronounced like rig, as in truck.
      Unfortunately not creative at all.
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    11. Enderturtle
      Beautiful! Never seen one like that yet
    12. DT Prime
      DT Prime
      Haha perfect, I was waiting for this :)
    13. Flagg37
      R is the easy one that sounds like it should.
      Y sounds like "ee" like in lady.
      GH sound like "f" like in tough.

      RYGH = Reef!!!

      You didn't know you were so creative.
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    14. jonmos75
      Not sure if I would have posted how you came up with that :p...you made me search how Rygh could equal Reef, and all I had to do was read further to see:

    15. Apon
      Geez did you guy have enough ban saws? I still think we should all use our photos as our avatars here. I still don't know who everyone is. Be nice to match face to club name.
    16. Flagg37
      That's half the fun. I had been standing next to Mark (@rygh pronounced rig not reef) and had no idea who he was until we put our name tags on.
    17. Newjack
    18. Enderturtle
      YES! It would be hilarious too if you came dressed as the old school joker.
    19. Flagg37
      Not the Heath Ledger one though. That one's creepy.
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